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  1. last night we were told no more safty bbq they stated they do not have the money to do them . have they taken anythng away from any other centers for that same thing :surprised:. last time i checked they make 15 mil per day net
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    Safety BBQ? Free???? All we have is the United Way Cafe, a stale sandwich 2oz chips and a generic 25cent cola for 3$.
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    here in the missouri district, the "discretionary" fund that was allocated to our center was cut in half, and any expenses to send someone to school of any kind come out of this fund. (Hotel expenses, mileage reimbursements, etc.) This is what I was told, not 100% sure if its believable or not, but just what I was told.
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    They no longer do the nice "hey it's hot we have some ice cold water for ya" we just get the bribe "safety" food now. But we have to be extra good and not report injuries for that to happen.
  5. we would get on once a month as long as no one gets hurt
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    as long as no one gets hurt or as long as no one files an injury report? Around here they are two different things.
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    I wish we had a safety BBQ then again I wish they enforced safety.
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    I guarantee 10 or 20 years ago UPS did a heck of alot more discretionary spending on its employees. Can't blame the company for wanting to cut back through less "stable" times but I'm sure there are things that could be done to gain some respect from its employees while not costing that much, like 5 extra minutes for break once a week, or a $5 off coupon for a local movie theatre, or a discount to ship through the company (after all many companies provide their employees with a discount on their goods of services). Our building for example has kinda gone into that "only spend money on things that directly affect revenue flow" mode.
  9. no one files a report
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    I wasn't going to say anything, but I am on our CERC committee, and yes they don't have that much money for the bbq's where we are. We have had oranges and bananas which I think is silly, we are not monkeys. We are so busy, and geesh people must be shopping, because we were loaded today.

    I WANT BURGERS:happy-very:
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    i've never had a free burger at work or free anything now that I think about it. sales is probably blamed for the poor sales numbers, but undoubtably will not be recognized when they go up.

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    WOW, we have had management cooking outside for us when we leave! Soda, and water also. We have not had this is a while, but did last summer. Hope you guys get this and us as well soon, I think we deserve it :peaceful:
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    well, that is true...we are usually the ones doing the cooking and i have snagged a burger :)
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    Just making sure.:happy-very:
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    They cooked out for us last summer also I wish they would again that would really boost morale around here which is pretty low right now we used to get donuts at break about once a month haven't got that for awhile either.
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    We still have a cake once a month, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. We haven't had a safety cookout for a long time. One of our finest drivers has picked up the slack and brings donuts for all of the drivers and sups once a month. I think it embarrasses some of the management staff that a driver does that out of his own pocket.
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    Me and another pt guy bought donuts for the preload once the sups wouldn't eat any.
  18. I bring in water for my loaders when it's hot and/or humid.
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    Jennies got to get the award for the hottest avatars when we do the awards ceremonies at the end of the year.:happy-very:
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    Better not say the to MechanicForBrown.:wink2:
    Nice signature, westside.