UPS law ..... AKA Murphy's law

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  1. kingOFchester

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    Just for fun.

    1) Whenever you put the LG irregular on the floor, inevitably you will get 20 more box's SPA'd to that spot even though frequently that spot goes empty.

    2)Whenever you get a large irregular that has a label "1 of 1" there will be 20 more coming down the slide.

    Now I am just a preloader and I am sure others with far more experience will be able to add to the list.
  2. over9five

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    "2)Whenever you get a large irregular that has a label "1 of 1" there will be 20 more coming down the slide."

    3) When one of the above 20 doesn't scan, the rest of 'em won't either!
  3. kingOFchester

    kingOFchester Well-Known Member

    Of course its hourly’s fault. management is to busy in the office to do wrong..... see video

    Office Miniature Golf Course
  4. LKLND3380

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    That LG Irreg... Can you put it under the belt and load it at the end?

    Your belt supe should be able to print out what bulk stops you are getting and tell you. This is so you can plan your load...

    The 1 of 1 on 20 boxes isn't too bad but the real fun is when the shipper puts on those 20 boxes 1 of 5, 1 of 10, 1 of 1, 1 of 4 and then you still get an additional 20 marked 1 of 1...:w00t:

    My question is did you just start with UPS or are youjust making conversation?

    If you just started then Welcome to UPS... Your belt supe (if they have been there a while) should know what your cars get and offer some ideas - ___________ gets hit heavy on Monday and Thursday.... Talk to your drivers, they know their routes, what gets hit heavy and where is a good place to load certain stops...
  5. helenofcalifornia

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    Murphy's Law:
    That more than likely, because of pressure put on them by preload, a preloader will put a small box on bottom and the 65 pounder on top of it. The driver, while walking to the stop, will feverishly be trying to bend the small box back into its original shape and shaking the box to see if it rattles "too much." Sorry preloaders, have been there, done that. It's just a fact of life at UPS.
  6. rod

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    1-The more you would like to get off at a reasonable time the more things will go wrong.

    2-if you don't take your 2 wheeler in with you- that will be the day the customer ships the most.

    3-customers that ship the least complain the most.
    4- thinking the next center manager will be better is a waste of time.
    5-the 1st 20 years fly by but the last 10 take FOREVER.
    6-a dog that "just barks and won't bite you" will.
    7- as soon as you double park- the car you are blocking will want out.
    8- just as your food arrives at lunch some jerk will "hate to bother you but really needs his package".
    9-people will watch you struggle with doors all day long unless you are a women driver- then they will run outside to help you. (sorry ladies but I've seen it happen many times)
    10-retired guys that post comments about women drivers are asking for it.:)
  7. LKLND3380

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    NO!!!! I don't believe there is ANY preloader who would put a 65 pound package on top of a small package... Now a preloader may DROP, ROLL, PUSH a 65+ pound box on top of a small box. :biggrin:

    Because drivers are always trying to beat the clock, I like to put NDAs under over 70s so they don't go flying all over the place:wink: I think of it as a giant paper weight...
  8. Lobofan5

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    When delivering an air package, while running out of time, it WILL be the LAST house at the end of the longest street.


    Not really a 'Murphy's law' but always great advice...

    never, ever piss off your preloader, paybacks are a BITCH.

    I can give you a FABULOUS load or a 'technically correct yet miserable" load. I get paid the same, whichever I do.

    (I've only used the 'technically correct method twice. and rest assured the drivers that got it COMPLETLY deserved it.)
  9. longlunchguy

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    UPS Law.... when your kid is pitching his first little league game you get ojs"d that day:cursing:

    UPS Law....The driver who was REALLY bad at it will some day be your on-road sup.:w00t:
  10. Dirty Savage

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    Also, let's say you have a delivery for a place on 400 block Main St. You drive up past 100, 200 and 300 block and there is nothing but parking but you get to 400 block and all the spots are taken. Never fails.
  11. mattwtrs

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    Have you forgot UPS also means Unlimited Parking Spots!
  12. local804

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    usually the way it goes
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    Don't you love the parking when you drive the truck!! Anywhere you want!! Almost tops the pay benefits in perks. (No, not really, but a great ego boost)
  14. Johney

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    And I grab a pkg from the trucks on each side of me for the next week and claim you misloaded them:wink:
  15. over9five

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    "I grab a pkg from the trucks on each side of me for the next week and claim you misloaded them"

    HA! LOL So much for the "technically correct" load!
  16. DS

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    Right after a customer asks how your day is going and you say,just great! You get that inevitable oncall for 130 70 lb boxes.
  17. landrick

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    11: On a route that has dozens of cul-de-sacs, each turning circle must have one (and only one) car perfectly positioned so as to prevent you from turning the truck around without having to back up. (11a: This is doubly true if every single driveway is wide open, and the car could easily have been parked there.) (11b: This is triple-true if you are driving a really old P10 that has impossibly hard steering.) In the case of a large cul-de-sac where only one car would be insufficient to prevent you from negotiating a smooth turnaround, additional cars must be placed at strategic intervals to guarantee that you just *barely* can't make it around. (Ideally, so that about 3 inches would have made the difference.)
  18. kingOFchester

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    I have been at UPS since 1st week of Spetember.