UPS loses family's $846,000 inheritance, Offers To Refund $32 Shipping Fee

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    Around here if you cash in $500.00 worth of coins at a bank and there is one Canadian nickel in it you will get that nickel back. Canadian money is worthless here.
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    As it should be
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    They should have sent 1/2 the check FedEx and the other 1/2 UPS
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    After Losing Family’s $846K Inheritance, UPS Offers To Refund $32 Shipping Fee

    “Our records indicate that our team followed UPS protocol and an exhaustive search for this package was completed by our Operations and Security teams. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the package.” UPS lost the inheritance, so what did they do? They refunded the $32 it cost Taylor to mail the package, sent an apology letter, and called it a day.