UPS Mail Innovations = Poor Service

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    OK, I’ve had it. I buy a lot of stuff on eBay and a lot of the sellers use the USPS Priority or 1st Class. Generally a package shipped from the left coast will arrive in 3 days, some have shown up the next day. Four recent purchases (from different sellers) have taken 2-3 weeks to arrive. Tracking information will show the packages being accepted by UPS MI then the wait begins. Example, the most recent purchase was turned over to UPS MI on 7/2/07 and is shown to now be 30 miles from my home in possession of UPS MI since the 6th.

    I don’t know what the clowns at UPS MI are doing but perhaps UPS should focus on delivering the packages we have and stay out of the “Mail” business.
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    I would take the tracking info to work, there are other systems that may provide additonal information. I understood Mail Innovations Service as noted below on I also visited a facility a couple of years ago, and this is how the process worked. Although, changes are around us every day.

    Domestic Mail Services

    UPS Mail Innovations domestic services rely on our extensive network and unique work share program with the U.S. Postal Service. Because we perform functions such as labeling and sorting of qualified mail that would normally be handled by USPS, we are able to pass along reduced rates to our clients.

    Along with our ability to provide cost savings, our UPS technology enables us to reduce handling, speed processing and improve accuracy when completing typical USPS functions. Through our methods we are able to process and transport domestic mail to its point of induction, on average, within 24-48 hours of pickup. This enhanced process is detailed below:

    Flexible pickups to meet your needs

    Flexible and multiple pickup schedules accommodate our customers' requirements, and allow them to send larger volumes.

    Reliable transportation by UPS

    Mail for national distribution is processed, sorted, and prepared for transportation in specially designed air transportation containers. Mail is then moved to its final destination for delivery leveraging the strength and reliability of the UPS Air and Ground network.

    Automated, one-stop processing

    During processing at our secure facilities, mail is weighed, addresses are verified, tracking numbers are assigned and indicia are applied. All pieces undergo a primary and secondary sort prior to induction into the USPS®.

    Enhanced speed and accuracy

    Mail received at each of our processing facilities is transported and inducted into USPS® destination facilities within 12 to 24 hours on average.

    Reliable Systems and Secure Facilities

    Extensive planning and control measures deliver the security and reliability you expect. Our processing system is proprietary, and all security maintenance and support of the system is executed in-house with preventive maintenance and 24/7 technical support.

    UPS Mail Innovations is ready to save you time and costs. We are familiar with many of the challenges faced by today's mail operation managers and are committed to providing our services as your solution.
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    My experience with UPS MI tells me to not recommend the service to anyone I may come in contact with.
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    Understanding how UPS MI works, it doesn't make sense to me that individual customers are able to use this service as it is for bulk mailings.

    I did hear that all customers would have a choice for UPS Basic which ultimately gets delivered by the post office. Do you think the package was shipped Basic?

    Which I think is a terrible service for the shipper and consignee. When tracking the shipment the delivery status is the center address. When you call 1-800, they tell you the package was delivered and you have to tell them that's not the final destination for the package.

    And there is no accountability with the post office to get a final response, as there aren't any phone numbers you can call.

    I finally had my brother go to his local post office, and they advised the package was left in a lock box with a key left for him on his mailbox. He had no idea about the lock box, but finally got his package.

    In this case both of us had to spend time tracking down a package that in my opinion should have be driver released by UPS at his front door. He lives within city limits.

    And had I known this service was going to be used, I would have chosen a different method of shipping. Unfortunately, it is the shippers choice of what service they choose to use.

    Wish I had an answer for you to help you out, at this point I would ask the sender to start the tracing process for you.
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    UPS Basic..........

    I probably deliver 20-40 Basics a week to residential and business addresses. Some of the rual area guys in my building make Basic deliveries to the post office. As you stated, the USPS delivers those packages to the residence.

    UPS MI……..

    I could understand a company using them for junk mail that is generally not time sensitive. Sadly though, as I stated earlier, every time an eBay seller has sent my items using UPS MI, the time in transit seems to be 2-3 weeks. From reading the info you posted it seems the “mail” is moved by air to a destination city. From my experience, UPS MI must be using carrier pigeon for coast-to-coast flights.

    Whomever is to blame, it makes UPS as a company look bad.
  6. upsdude

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    Follow up............

    The package handled by UPS MI arrived today. Ironically, the postage paid label was marked “Time Sensitive Material” “UPS Mail Innovations”. That was worth a laugh if nothing else.

    Another package that was sent out Tuesday (the 10th) from southern California also arrived today. This one was sent regular 1st Class USPS.

    I know I’m beating a dead horse, but UPS MI has some work to do.
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    Your Basic packages should be going to the Post Office that services that particular area... unless things have changed.
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    It’s my understanding the ones destined for the USPS are addressed accordingly. Otherwise the customer’s address is the destination. Maybe someone here can clear it up or I’ll check next week at work.
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    BASIC had just been going on for about a year when I left but it was my understanding that we delivered BASIC pkgs in urban areas and only rural were delivered to the post office for them to deliver. I've been gone almost two years so that may have changed so don't flame me.:crying:
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    That's the way I undestand Basic to work, unfortunately, shippers make the call, and sometimes do basic to urban areas, with USPS getting the package for delivery, as opposed to our drivers. Talk about customer perception and the tracking nightmare on

    The service is also no tracing, no claims for the shipper on basic packages, but I'm not sure UPS isn't losing on that end either.

    Any drivers ever get follow up for basic packages you have dropped off at the post office??
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    upsdude--what's the tracking number of the package in question?

    There's a similar issue with Fedex Smart Post (their version of UPS Basic).

    The common denominator is that both Basic and Smart Post are "no frills" service designed for customers shipping low-value items that do not want to pay extra for all the bells and whistles (full tracking, guaranteed delivery, etc.).
  12. It seems to me that there is a lot of confusion regarding UPS Basic. I would assume that the protocol for these deliveries would be the same nationwide, but who knows.

    Around here, the only packages that go to the Post Office are addressed to the Post Office. Otherwise, they are delivered to the addressee. Under no circumstances are we to deliver packages to the final address on the package if it is to go to the Post Office. Rural, urban, if we have other packages for that address and we will be there anyway...still has to go to the Post Office.

    The other Basic, or Shipper Release packages, always go to the addressee and are almost always to be DR'd. The shipper waives UPS of all responsibility if the package is lost or stolen in exchange for a lower shipping rate. It is less costly for us to deliver them if we know that there will only be one attempt. We should never receive a claim or "driver follow-up" on one of these packages.

    I had one circumstance where my personal judgement told me I shouldn't leave a package. Called and voiced my concern to my Sup and she agreed that I shouldn't leave it. It was an apartment above a busy Dollar General store that had a keypad entry at street level. Very likely it would have come up missing. Clerks called customer, was given the code, and Dr'd it by her door the next day. We wouldn't have had to pay the claim, but it would have made us look bad, in my opinion.
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    I guess it must be regional, I know when I delivered BASICs
    at the end of the delivery it would prompt me regarding
    the location of the delivery (it was a full screen notice
    that would say something to the effect of delivery was made
    to an authorized location YES NO) I can't remember... I'm losing it.
  14. I ordered some movies online from best buy back aways and it came through UPS Mail Innovations as well. Wasn't overly slow, wasn't fast either, just average I guess. I could track it somewhat (from hub to hub etc) online as well. I must have been lucky from what I'm seeing on this thread.