UPS Mail Innovations vs Surepost

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    Technical details aside, what is the difference between the two services? Doesn't UPS handle the pickup and transportation side of things for both? ...then USPS handles delivery?

    I ordered something recently and paid around $2.50 for shipping by UPS Mail Innovations. It arrived several days earlier than projected.
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    MI are packages in those Yellow bags, and believe gets picked up by someone else to deliver to PO. Ours gets picked up around 6:30pm.
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    UPS here is the old Brown UPS and none of it's subsidiaries.
    UPS Pickup
    UPS Local Sort
    UPS Hub
    UPS Hub
    UPS Preload
    UPS Driver delivers to Post Office
    Post Office delivers to Consignee
    UPS Bills Shipper

    Mail Innovations (Typical)
    UPS Bills Shipper

    UPS MI can be picked up and processed as Surepost is processed is but that is a small percentage.
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    Shouldn't we bill shipper when we del to PO? Nothing is guaranteed.
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    UPS Union

    UPS bills on Saturday night/Sunday morning for packages whose PLD was received for pickup the previous Sunday - Saturday.
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    Mail Innovations. Could be picked up by small package driver in yellow bag. Larger shipments picked up by UPS MI. Sorted by UPS MI and delivered by USPS. Under 1-lb shipments.

    SurePost. For 1 -lb and over. picked up, sorted and delivered (to USPS or consignee) within the small package network.