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    Hello, Looking for some UPS Mail Innovations information from someone who may know better. I ordered an item online and it shipped UPS Mail Innovations which from past experience I know is another word for Inefficient Slow Shipping. Usually when I see a package is shipped UPS Mail Innovations I just give up all hope and dont pay any attention to it and hope it arrives someday, this time however I need the item Saturday. My question is does it work like UPS Surepost where the Estimated Delivery Date is 1 business day later than it arrives at your nearest post office to allow and extra day for USPS to deliver? My package is schedule for next Monday If it works like surepost and arrives at your local post office one business day before the scheduled delivery date then I can go pick it up a day early (Saturday) like I do with all My UPS SurePost Packages. If anyone knows for sure, it'd be highly appreciated.
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    Mail innovations is a bit of a tricky. Working for our corporate phone center, we don't even work with mail innovations other than to give tracking detail. Sure, certainly with sureposts you can hit the 1z's with an upgrade via mychoice and set them to will call or even ground delivery. With mail innovations, its a whole new ball game. Don't see as much of them anymore, but yeah, more than likely if you can catch the destination center before it gets sorted for USPS you can probably pick it up. But that's purely speculation. I'd be more comfortable saying yes on a surepost package.