UPS Manager Continues Punishing Drivers for Prayer Meetings


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UPS Manager Continues Punishing Drivers for Prayer Meetings - Christian News Wire

In spite of scrutiny, the United Parcel Service (UPS) Myrtle Beach, SC Center manager is now retaliating against employees who sought to voluntarily pray together before work, in the form of strict application of work "rules" and harassment, in response to attention over the prayer meetings.

After Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter on February 12 to UPS stating that drivers' prayer meetings must be allowed again, and any participating drivers who have been fired must be reinstated, the parcel service stated that Center Manager Steve Keller would hold a "Prework Communication Meeting" (PCM) to confirm the employees' right to pray. One driver represented by Liberty Counsel has been rehired.


The truth never changes.
Not "rehired". Returned to work. Hopefully with back pay and made whole in every way.

I hope they are happy with all of the media coverage. Too bad they arent Muslim.