UPS may appeal deaf discrimination ruling


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US Court Says UPS Discriminated Against Deaf Drivers - Smart Money

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a lower court ruling that UPS Inc. (UPS) violated anti-discrimination laws by automatically barring the deaf and hearing-impaired from driving parcel delivery trucks.


most people don't agree with discrimination, but what about safety on public hwy, when an emergency vehicle is behind UPS vehicle being driven by a deaf person. Will that deaf person hear the emergency vehicle while driving.

Next case will be the blind people wanting to drive, and require a spotter inside the moving vehicle and telling the blind person, you are leaning to close to the center line, or turn right now, etc, etc.


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"will the deaf person hear the emergency vehicle while driving"

Are you kidding? Our vehicles are so loud we can't hear any siren until the emergency vehicle is right beside/below us.

Try checking the mirrors periodically and you will probably see it before you hear it.

say what?

Many drivers here wear ear plugs when on the road.

Shouldn't it just depend on whether or not the person can pass the standard D.O.T. physical?