UPS moving to another team in NASCAR?

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    UPS Moving to another team? will stay in NASCAR: on SPEED's Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain [3-30-2008], Zak Brown, CEO of Just Marketing International, reported that sponsor UPS, currently sponsoring the #44 Toyota that David Reutimann drives, that UPS plans to stay in NASCAR and is reviewing it's sponsor program and is evaulating probably five teams, including the team they currently sponsor, #44 Michael Waltrip Racing and Reutimann. UPS should formalize their NASCAR plans within the next 60 days. No word on those teams, but UPS says they want to run for a championship and have a "Rock Star" type of driver like they had with Dale Jarrett. Roush Fenway Racing had been rumored in the past with Greg Biffle.(4-1-2008)
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    Dale Jarrett a"rock star" driver? Sorry, as much as I like DJ as a person, he is no "rock star" type. If they were looking for "rock star" and running for a championship, they're a day late and several dollars short. They probably could have had their chance at the holy grail of sponsorship with Earnhart, Jr., but I don't think there was even a play for it.

    Reutimann will be a better fit for them (on the track) than DJ was. Championship? Probably not. They need a good young driver who is on his way up. One that can become synonymous with the UPS brand. They will probably have to take an educated chance on someone. Maybe Eric Amirola, Clint Bowyer, maybe even Kyle Bush. Hopefully, they stay away from the open wheel outsiders. Although, I do believe they would think that this would help their worldwide appeal, I don't see any championships in that future.

    Personnally, I think they should ride this horse for a while. They might be surprised.
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    I think JustTired hit it on the head 100%. Though if any of the names he mentioned were possible I'd take Kyle Busch. He's young and already running well in a Toyota. I think with a young driver you can build a nice future for UPS Racing
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    That would be funny if they went with Rowdy Bush. That would put Fedex & UPS with the same team owner.
    Like the old saying goes "If you can't beat'm, join'm!"
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    I can't see us going with Gibbs due to his close ties to FedEx. But I would have to think that we go with one of the marquee/multi-car teams like Roush, Childress, or Hendricks.

    I like David but he's never going anywhere with Mikey. Michael has only four Cup wins in over 20 + years, the most recent in 2003. There also seems to be a black cloud following him with last years mess at Daytona, his leaving the scene of an accident charge, and now old Jack is accusing him of stealing his parts.

    Regardless of how creditable that charge may be, he’s becoming sort of an embarrassment.

    I personally hope we can connect with Rousch. Biffle, Edwards, Kenseth, and Ragan, are all doing well this year. Plus Jack sort of looks like my first center manager. :happy-very:
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    I am a big fan of Dale Junior. I would love to see UPS back sponsoring the #88 with Junior at the wheel!!!

    I do think they need to re-evaluate the sponsorship. They need to go with an owner that knows how to win. This is the best chance for a championship!

    That is probably the only drawback I see with the DE Jr. sponsorship.
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    Let's cut to the chase: Mikey's a friggin' drunkin' bum. We all know it.
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    What I don't understand is why now? They (UPS) knew the situation in the off season. There were high profile teams looking for sponsors then, now you have the ones nobody else wanted. I guess they could go with the Woods Bros. # 21 and Bill Elliott. Hey! As long as Kurt Busch qualifies we would be guaranteed 5 past champ provisions. That's better odds then with MWR!! Or heck! Go back to RYR and one of his two unsponsored cars. Yes!!! I'm being sarcastic!
  9. Big Babooba

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    Maybe UPS is not happy with MWR's less than squeaky clean reputation. Last year there was the illegal fuel additive incident at Daytona . This year the stolen sway bar scandal is in the news. That was probably the last straw. It is an embarrassment to UPS to be associated with this team, especially when FedEx is doing so well.
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    Personally, I think they are going to the #43 team next year with Chad McCumbee driving. He's a young driver on his way up and the #43 needs a sponsor next year since they announced today that General Mills is leaving to RCR's new 4th team.
  11. myback

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    when did the number change occur?
  12. Big Babooba

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    Last year when UPS moved to Michael Waltrip (disg)Racing.
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    Sorry, but I misunderstood Jack4343 original post. I thought UPS was looking to move ASAP, not next year. After reading the article, I think hooking up with "The Cat In The Hat" and Carl Edwards would be that Rock Star move they are looking for. Carl's a classy guy and would fit in with the image UPS is looking for, unlike the whiteboard dude.
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    I don't know that I would call Carl classy. I sometimes wonder if he's on steroids.
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    Move to the #43 team? Petty Ent. There's a real winning organization.
  16. govols019

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    The 31 team will need a sponsor for next year. That's where I hope we go. Jeff Burton, now he's a class act.
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    Is that an old Big Red in your avatar?
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    Naw, 1985 Honda 250SX.
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    Nice machine back in it's day. I still have an old 85 Bid Red that I swear you can't kill.
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    We had a chance to drop Jarrett and pick up Kasey Khane two years ago. Why we didn't, I 'll never know. I guess UPS just wanted to get some more mileage out of Dale "Racing the Truck"......
    BTW- I was at Bristol for Dales last race. It was a class act all the way around, with the card stunt in the stands, and a trio of F/A 18's doing a flyby for Dale as he circled the track with his dad driving.