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    Hey Everyone!
    I am new to here and pretty much new to UPS in general. I am a loader who started in early November. I work at the Hodgkins facility in Illinois. A little bit about myself...I'm a married man and father or 3. My family is my world and I love them to death. I'm a big sports guy, and I love having a good time.
    I can't wait to meet and talk with some of you and look forward to it. If anyone has any questions about being a new hire or anything like that I can try to help you out the best I can.

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    Welcome to BC, sorry to hear that you are a sports fan in the Chicago area.........tough break.
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    Welcome to the BrownCafe Scott!
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe Scott and enjoy yourself here.

    Pay no attention to the grouches from NY if they start to beat you with their cane.

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    hey scott i worked for the ups as a driver helper in NY. did an awesome job at it loved the job now i want to be a UPSER my question to you is will i get transfer? heres the deal there is a ups center that is hiring part time package handlers the problem is its a bit far from where i live it would take me 2 hours to get there there is a closer center which only takes me 1 hour to get to all i have to do is finish filling up the application but will i get transfer if i ask them doe to the fact i can get to the other ups center faster since youre working at the ups can you please ask around i would much appreciate it and thank you for your valuable time