UPS not reporting my work to TeamCare

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  1. About a month ago I moved up to full-time driving after 5+ years part-time. (Still trying to qualify). Apparently UPS has not been filing some kind of report with TeamCare since that week and now my family doesn’t have health insurance. I just found out yesterday. This raises two questions:

    1.) Who can I call to get this resolved? I’ve got some local HR contacts from the Service Center and the lady who set me up for Integrad but I haven’t gotten a response in the past 48 hours.

    2.) Can I file a grievance? UPS deserves to be slapped in the peepee for this. It’s unacceptable that they treat their workers this way, whether through negligence or malice. I have a job and I’m expected to do it. When I mess up I face the consequences. It’s a two way street. I’m absolutely disgusted and infuriated with this situation.

    Thanks for your replies
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  2. Just talk to HR.
    Apparently your your old position is not reporting you as having any punches
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    Make sure you work one day a week.
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  4. KoennenTiger

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    You can't grieve until you talk to mngmt at least one time. Document it. Explain what happened. This place is a :censored2: storm things don't get reported properly all the time. Their documenting is always wrong. Heck go talk to the center mngr. Explain the situation and watch it get fixed.

    If it isn't fixed? Then call your BA. But don't waste his time with something you haven't brought to mngmt yet
  5. Harley Rider

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    When I was out on workmans comp for over a year, my insurance was put on hold for whatever reason several times. Never could get them to tell me what was happening. Always nice getting a health bill that insurance refused to pay because they were no longer paying benefits on me.

    It was a cluster getting it corrected each time. Seems it could get canceled at any time but only reinstated at certain intervals. Yeah right..... Center manager eventually got pretty good at getting it back on track.
  6. I’ve already informed my center manager and tried to get in contact with HR. Not much luck though. This didn’t come to my attention until 14:00 on Thursday when I spent my 20 minute lunch break on the phone with TeamCare. Then I was with my on-road supe / trainer all day Friday. So I haven’t had much time to push the issue.

    Now I have to wait until Monday morning. I’m mainly just frustrated with the situation. I thought we outsourced all our customer service hotlines to India a decade ago. Hopefully my appendix doesn’t burst this weekend. Luckily my wife and stepkids don’t need their happy pills refilled yet.
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    Go into work in the morning , pound on your center managers door until he opens it. You need to demand answers and it be fixed immediately or you’ll go over his head.
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    If all else fails, call the ups help line or go to the website. A letter from corporate to your supervisor tends put some haste into things.

    Just make sure to try other options first.
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    No worries bro, the union's got your back on this and in an expedited fashion
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  10. In case anybody else finds themselves in this situation:

    Find the appropriate supervisor in your building and ask them to do a “pay inquiry”. Every person I talked to gave me the fluoride stare until I said those magic words. UPS operations supes use some kind of internal app to talk to UPS payroll about issues with their employees’ pay. I had my preload sup do this once before when I accidentally shredded an $800 live check that I thought was an $800 direct deposit advice.

    So payroll got the message and made up the missing contributions. TeamCare reinstated and backdated my coverage. All good. Afterwards, I made sure to personally thank the people who helped me out.
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  11. pickyourking

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    Hit us wit the my wife’s son bit. Good stuff. In my case, they did this to me too last peak