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    Hello to all I'm new here and I'm looking for some help, I got a UPS today with a 12V 5AH battery, witch on my system lasts allmoust 2 min, and I took my car battery witch is a 12V 35AH, and hooked it on to the UPS and did some testing with a 25W light bulb, and it looked promesing on the volt meter, it showed a small spike from 12.89V to 12.38V and after one min it started to go up up after 2 min the UPS shut down, the voltage was about 13.90v, I took off the car battery and the voltage kept growing till about 14.50 when I got scared and took the battery out side in case of any thing, when I looked againe after 30 min it was 12.98V constant.

    Can any one help me out and tell me what do I need to do, if I whant to put a biger battery, on the UPS.

    And If any one can tell me what happed that made the voltage go up like that. Personaly I think the battery started to boil.

    Thank in advace and best regards to all.
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    Re: UPS on Car battery problem

    Uninterruptable Power Supply?

    Can you say "wrong forum"??!!!!!!!
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    Re: UPS on Car battery problem

    Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Moved to UPS Information Technology forum.

    OP - Let me know if you don't think this is the right forum. There is no good fit.
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    Don't feed the TROLLS!!!!
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    sorry for the slopy post :(
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    You need to use a deep cycle or gel cell batter in the UPS.

    A car battery is made for releasing all its power at once ---VROOM.

    A deep cycle/gel cell battery is made for giving continuous power output for longer.
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    I guess that meens iti needs a powerful conumer

    any hints on how to use the car battery ?!

    I am planning to use more than one battery in paralel and the best candidate is a car battery
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    Re: UPS on Car battery problem

    They often sell car batteries for computers in Brown Cafes.:knockedout:
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    can any one tell me how to convert the car battery for use on UPS
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    OK so i'm going to get a diffrent battery to try it out the battery might be bad. I tryed the experiment againe with a 100w light bulb and it burned out againe, the 25W bulb works just fine but after 2 min the UPS turnes off.
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    I think this may not be the best forum for you to get the answers that you are looking for.
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    Okay Spider, I'll try to spell it out for you. Brown Cafe is a forum for Employees of United Parcel Service, not Uninterrupted Power Sources. We are known for driving brown trucks and wearing brown uniforms. Like the brown truck on the left top of this page. If somebody on here knows the answer to your question, then so be it.

    I can understand the confusion. I can remember a time if you searched for UPS on the internet, then Uninterrupted Power Sources would pull up first, not the delivery company.
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    You must not know what a troll is...

    This is a United Parcel Service forum. (Not affiliated, however) Though I do like my UPS when the power goes out. It tends to go out a lot, so I'm sure I'd be replacing a bunch of hardware in my computer if I didn't have one.

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    What you have experienced is perfectly normal. Nominal (unloaded) voltage for your battery should be somewhere around 12.6-12.8V. The UPS will attempt to apply a float charge of somewhere between 13.4V and 13.8V at most times, and if it decides the battery needs charging, between 14.2V and 14.5V. Voltages above that may be used for equalizing cells, but I doubt it - at 15V you should be worried. It wouldn't hurt to install a cheapy voltmeter somewhere you can see.

    The larger concern is how happy your UPS will be when forced to recharge a battery which has been drained by more than 5Ah. Active cooling of the PWM circuitry would be a good thing.

    If it all turns out well, then yes, switching to a deep-cycle battery wouldn't be a bad idea. May I recommend the Exide Orbital Marine?