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  1. Im extremely interesting in being a package car driver. I love driving and I like the company and I enjoy the physical work. I would like to know what im up against though. The only thing im concerned about is not knowing the area in which I work. Does the diodes have turn by turn gps for each stop? Thankyou for any input.
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    Welcome upschris24

    No, the DIADs don't use a GPS map, that comes from reading a map. We call this "area knowledge", which you will pickup quick.
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    We don't use diodes anymore. We went back to cathode ray tubes.
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    Do the diads have thrn bu turn gps for EACH STOP.. Funny as it is, i get asked this all the time by family and friends... That area knowledge is the service providers responsibility. That is why i do Saturday Air... I deliver half the city and a whole nother town.. When they send you full time they train you on area you know most.. Least round here.. Luckily i live in my service area...
    also.. Try not to worry about not knowing the area.. Like others have said, it will come. If the diad is in order you should be able to follow trace and every stop should be semi close by. Specially during peak doing 200-300 stops lol
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    To the OP. Tomorrow is my third day and so far I still don't know my route. I live in South Jersey and I am delivering in the Philly. I spent 2 hours Sunday and another 2 hours today on my day off trying to figure out my route. My good sense of direction must only apply to South Jersey because I never get lost out here but City driving is trying my patience. Roads end and start up somewhere else and way too many one ways. I hope my supervisor lets me use my gps tomorrow or its a one way trip to the unemployment line.
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    No the diads don't have turn by turn gps, but they have orion which is just as good
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    go out and learn route on your off days like your doing. The route will come to you in a few days. Just don't get in a hurry and get in accident. Get the methods down then work on your speed.
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    I let the company PAY me to "explore" a new area. I've got better things to do in my free time than do what the COMPANY should be doing. It's a supervisors job to ride with you and provide you with the area knowledge to be successful on the route they assign you.
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    I love it when they asked me to run a route I didnt know. The best thing ive found to do is ask, when I leave the bldg which way do I turn? After that turn where do I go from there? They usually get the hint. What are you up against? Sups with no integrity questioning yours. Be prepared at all times. Dont rush. No matter how far or lost you get stay focused. Stay safe.
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    I am on my 5th day and know my route 85%. I know all of the streets but the one ways and streets stopping for a few blocks and picking up again blocks later slows me down. I'm supposed to be on my own tomorrow and its my make it or break it day. I was warned if i don't get it by tomorrow i'm pretty much done.
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    Im glad I dont drive in the city. All country n town rural areas. No big cities to deal with ridiculous traffic all the time. That would get annoying lol. Country driving im sure is alot easier to learn when your a rookie than city driving.
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    Good luck bowflex. Let us know how you do.
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    I'm all for going and learning the route on the weekend. Saves so much stress when first starting out. I would learn the pick ups first,there pretty much the same every day. I know people say don't do anything without getting paid. But if its to make it do what you gotta do.
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    Well third day riding solo and my supervisor is still meeting up with me to take about 25 of my stops. I'm done by 7 but that's with his help. I am moving a 90% speed because i have an infected cut on my foot. my driving is at 90% the only problem I have is I back up a little too slow. driving in the city with only 6 inches of room on each side is tough in a new vehicle not to mention i also service a college campus with kids driving and walking like they are crazy. this is definitely an experience and if i do make it until peak i am looking forward to being laid off. If i would have started physical labor young no problem but starting at 43 is rough especially when all I have been doing is going to the gym twice a day and eating 8 times a day for the past 7 years. now i eat twice a day and workout twice a week.