UPS parking jets?

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  1. daedalus

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    The pilot group just got the word that UPS will be displacing a significant amount of crews from the three pilot DC-8s. One would assume that this means they will be parking a whole bunch of planes soon.
  2. drewed

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    DC8s? are we still flying those? they could just be going for retirement UPS is supposed to take delivery of about 30 new 767s this year
  3. scratch

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    Yes, we are still flying those things. Here is a picture of one. And for you old timers, check out the picture of one of our ramp vehicles, a P-400.
  4. reydluap

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    I drove many a mile in one of those old 400's (66550). I'd deliver to places in the winter that 4X4 trucks wouldn't dare try. My mechanic would put on a new set of Michelin "buds" snow tires on it the first of November and away I would go. That truck was so heavy that it was hard to spin the tires on ice........ Oh, the good ole days.....twenty stops on the dog house......two heaters that could roast you out of the truck.......Ford 300 CID inline 6 cylinder engines.......AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok,Ok, I'm back to reality now.........

  5. Big Babooba

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    They looked better in brown. I wonder if that is its original car#. I remember some kicking around back in the 80's whose numbers started with a 6 and were Chevys. All the other 400s were Fords. We had about 30 total at our building. UPS got them new rims & tires. Then they upgraded the springs on all of them. They had to replace the glass on most of them because it was clouding up around the edges and wouldn't pass inspection. The next year they junked them.
  6. scratch

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    I hadn't seen a P-400 since the late 70s. I was driving by our Gateway at the Atlanta Airport after I got to play in some Delta Flight Simulators one Saturday. I saw that P-400 sitting by the fence and I couldn't believe it. I turned around and went back and shot a picture of it, the car number is 67049. I never drove one as a Package Driver, but I did drive an old junker that was painted yellow around the Atlanta Hub delivering Irregulars as a PTer.

    The Delta Sims:
  7. stevetheupsguy

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    Scratch, you could have fooled everyone into believing you're a pilot.
  8. scratch

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    Its funny, because we were doing practice takeoffs and landings at JFK and Atlanta. I did instrument and heavy turbulance landings and takeoffs in that simulator. You can set the sim up for any emergency conditions, like wind shear or mechanical failure. And bird strikes. What that US Air pilot did today in New York City was pure skill, those guys are worth every penny. I will stick to my P7.
  9. pkgdriver

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    Thanks for the P400 picture Scratch. I think my last time driving one was around 1988
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    First I would like to comment about UPS parking aircraft. They are not "parking" them as in not using them anymore. 13 dc-8's and 7 to 9 757 will be "idle". Meaning' They will be parked at various stations as " spares". They will only fly when they are needed or when another aircraft goes in for a maintenance check.

    UPS will start taking delivery of the 767's orderd starting in jume wil about 4 to be delivered in 2009.

    Yes those USAIR pilots did a great job today. They are very skilled and they do derserve every penny. Although i do have to comment from the maintenance side. The mechanics from USAIR must also be commended. If that aircraft had not been maintained the emergency systems of that aircraft may not have worked correctly. Therefore there could have been a considerable loss of life. Also the pilot may not have been able to control the aircraft after 2 engine failures at the same time if not properly maintanined
  11. 29th Christmas

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    I drove one of those p400's as a swing driver in the early 90's. Check out the little flip up door to check the oil.

    Talking about today and the US Air pilot/HERO/USAFA Grad.......

    Sorry, I really am a humble guy, but......
  12. Jim Kemp

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    I drove one of those back in the early 80's. We called it the "Bread Truck".
    It had a braking problem, if it was empty the wheels would lock up every time you hit the brakes. Made for a fun day

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    That P400 looks in great shape. Reminds me of the old Milk delivery man days. That unmistakable sounds of glass bottles clinking together and having fresh milk at your back door (don't forget collecting milk bottle caps!). I would spend my lifetime restoring that car if they decided to sell it.
  14. Big Babooba

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    You have three sons to be proud of. Nothing wrong with blowing your horn.
  15. trplnkl

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    I'm sorry, it was funny, but inappropriate
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    Put many a mile on a P-400. Rock steady on all those dirt roads out west of Atlanta...great rural car...once you learn to duck your head enough. 150 packages 140 stops and no pickups - great day in the package car.