Bonus is a scam but to what degree


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I would suggest that you reread your screen name, pause for a moment, then realize that if you are chasing dollars that intently you will ruin yourself and will only have yourself to blame and not the company.
That’s quite the stretch to believe that a driver would take accountability for anything. It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault lol


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If you are seen running lunch here and continue to after warning you get fired. We recently lost one in the local who just didn't want to take lunch for some absurd reason.
Runner-gunner's sort the load during lunch. It's what they do best to screw the company earning bonus.

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No seniority issue here once you are done
They send you to help, you help.
I try to call up loop partners for altetnative arrangements "come take stops" usually is not the best solution if you can clear up air and commits for them so that they only need to focus on delivering.


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UPS can change the numbers at any time to reduce or eliminate the bonus on any route. They will usually leave a couple alone as teasers but every time I saw a center start bonus within months most routes could barely be scratched if you took your breaks. And if you made too much in bonus they would adjust it to take it away if you weren't one of their favorites. And without a doubt it tends to create an unsafe work environment. Not to mention promote selfishness and have drivers unwilling to help each other.
Drivers helping each other........ " you are instructed to take 20 stops" ..... like you actually have a choice.


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Stop worrying about it and do the route safely and by the methods for God sakes!
Because when you run over that kid from speeding or rear ending the family minivan from not paying attention your over/under won’t come up once in the investigation with the company and police…but you can bet that methods and safety will be front and center.