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    Do I have to take classes for that, or what? Sorry, I am just wondering.
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    I think you have to finish the eighth grade to get the position. Also you have to be able to tie your shoes.
  3. Nimnim

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    If your letter of intent is accepted and you pass the tests they give you and they actually promote you, there is a week long class PT sups go through at my hub to train them on their duties and whatnot.
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    If you can stand around, do nothing, take extremely long breaks, get coffee for the head supervisor. Walk like a old guy/woman with no cane (extremely slowly). Laugh at others for working, tell the loaders to not stack out, say they suck at doing their job. How anyone can do it, yet they can't do it themselves. Oh and have an IQ of 10. Anyone can do it. Just take my hub for example, we have 56 supervisors, and 10 head supervisors for 60-80 workers. LOL. Now that's just pathetic.
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    Being able to tie your shoes is not a requirement you can wear one that have velcro.
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    True dat
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    nice uniforms though
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    Stay out of Management.
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    What would be pathetic is if anyone believed you. :wink2:
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    I'm with ya Hoak. These guys do bargaining unit work all night.
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    Yup ... touching those packages is irresistible.
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    Hourlys are funny folks.

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    You want to know what's really pathetic? People between the ages of 30-60 that work a part time job and make fun of kids that could be their children. In fact some of the part time supervisors are probably your kids age. Yet you still make jokes about them and make fun of their position. You want to know why a UPS part time supervisor has such a high turnover? It is an entry level position. That means it (for you uneducated union folk) is the first step in a career whether it be at UPS or somewhere else. You want to take shots at full time supervisors and managers go ahead, we don't think much of you anyhow. However you have to be really pathetic to make fun of a young adult trying to better themself.
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    What Nim said.

    It's a lot of ivory tower stuff - theory of how to manage people, but there is a bit of exploration of how the theory translates into practice. An example would be how to deal with a belligerent employee - the policies and books have these "levels of intensity", and it all sounds groovy, but in reality a troublesome situation rarely plays out so cut and dry that you can apply what you've learned textbook; although, the same could be said for almost anything, I suppose.

    If you work in an extended center, the classes may or may not run the full week - sometimes they run only four days and the fifth day is only for hub people; often times, too, supervisors who have had the job for years will be in the course, so they can help out the newer folks. You'll also walk around the hub and familiarize yourself (on the surface, at least) with certain tasks - safe work methods, etc.

    Remember, too, to ask for a mileage sheet - UPS can (at least, so I hear) reimburse you for the difference of the miles traveled above what you normally travel to work; which is to say, if it is a 20 mile drive to work, and you drive 25 miles to your class, that would be 5 days times 5 miles, UPS would give you bucks for the 25 miles.

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