UPS Pay Progression SUCKS!

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    I just wanted to rant a little on my disgust with the pay progression at UPS. Starting out in this company is so hard to do. New driver you are bumped out alot, tossed around all the time, and expected to do more work than pretty much anybody else simply because you are the low guy. Last week I ran 4-11 hour days which to me is ridiculous. Thats actual on road hours to not planned hours. My planned hours were 11.5 and 11.2. I was the only one in the center getting back in after 8. I understand being the low guy and having to start lower than the guys that have earned their way. I totally understand and respect that. However having to wait 3 YEARS before I make that amount of money is absolutely ridiculous!!!!

    I went to Integrad and their big story was all the new hires were quitting because of lack of training-one word-WRONG!!!! Its the pay they are making thats making them quit. Nobody wants to do this job and work this hard, deal with the stress, and put up with some mouthy supervisor EVERY MORNING for $16 an hour.

    I am in no way shape or form bashing the guys who make the top pay, I realize you earned it, worked to get there and am happy for you. Just wondered how many of you went through the same thought process Im at right now?
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    When I started driving progression was 6 months, and I thought that was long. I'm truly sorry for what you are going through.

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    If you're young, go find another career if you're looking to stay with a company any extended period of time. This company will just disappoint you the longer you stay. I'm not trying to discourage you but coupled with the direction the company is taking, the treatment of employees, and the upcoming negotiations in 2013, I'd lean towards finding another place of employment considering your current displeasure.

    PS Just to reiterate, not trying to chase you off, but it takes a certain breed to put up with the FT driver position, a breed that I'm fearful is dying.
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    Find something else. Once you are top rate, the longer you stay, the harder it is to leave. And believe me, after two or three years you will wish you had left.
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    Oh yes, have been there with progression to then have my fulltime pay cut back to parttime, but still considered fulltime. I have almost 20 years in with 12 as a fulltime 22.3 Combo. Please listen to the advice and take it if you can.


    Isnt that so sad though? I appreciate everything you guys are saying, I actually just turned 30 so its kind of a hard decision to make. The sad thing is I honestly dont mind the work, I dont mind working hard at all. Its just like alot of you guys say when you work that hard and constantly beat up about it, it gets to you. You are out there working your can off and come in the next morning no matter what and have some schmuck running his flaps to you about something he has absolutely no idea about. Dont get me wrong Im not a "rookie" with UPS but I havent been with them for 10 years either. When I went to integrad their big saying was, OH you guys will have a job with a weeks training better than most people have with 4 year job education.
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    All of us. I know a lot of people that wouldn't mind going from 16 an hour to 31 and change in three years with another $ 400 a week paid on your behalf to the teamsters for retirement.

    Hang in there.
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    If you can swing it, I would suggest putting in a bid for feeder if it comes up. If you're laid off from feeder, at least you can get your time in with package car plus going into feeder is like a whole new UPS. It's by far and away the best full time position in the company. I know I'll put my bid in after I go package car. At least then, you're body isn't getting wracked by the equivalent of running a 10k on a daily basis. I know when I go, I'll be stuck at 22 or 23 bucks an hour (current pay) for 2 raises. But that's still ok money, and the long picture is what's at stake here. It takes a certain mentality to be package car...or a UPSer in general.
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    You have to learn to just filter out all of that verbal crap before it ever reaches your brain. Smile and do the job the best that you can. The time will pass;just keep showing up. And most importantly, when you drive out the gate each morning to start your route, leave all that negativity at the gate just like it was a pile of dirt. (Because it is!)
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    The honeymoon stage should last longer than a year or two. This person recently finished integrad, if I understand that right. Not good. It is probably to look for something better before the $$ start ringing in the brain.

    IF -IF- BIG IF....your local union allows transfers to other FT jobs like Feeders, 22.3....then I would maybe say "hang in there" if you already have serious questions about the job as a driver. Maybe talk to your union steward about the bidding process or just read the contract yourself.
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    just get out of package , let them have that . combo or feeders is the way .
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    I am waiting for cachsux to give me my hands-on feeder training! :wink:
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    Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blushing2:


    To answer the guy who said I just came out of Integrad, yeah but so did alot of other guys who had 15+ years in the company, I dont want that to come across smart or anything. I just think its kinda random the people that go to integrad and the ones that dont it really didnt make much sense to me.

    The guys that are talking about feeders, Id love to do that honestly and I do have my CDL so Im already a step ahead in the game. The only thing that sucks about that, is they are going to do an "integrad" for that as well now to. 521 point check list pretrip you HAVE to KNOW or you fail. I honestly dont know what you could look at to accumulate 521 items but that what they told me. Then again that was probably another UPS scare tactic.
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    Not necessarily a BETTER job but definitely a better PAYING job. Anyone not with UPS who criticizes what I make, I tell them all the same thing--- "I would gladly write you a $10k/year check to be home every day at 5 p.m. like you are"
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    Hang in there I was on took 2 1/2 years to top out and it flew by like nothing.then when that top pay came in my check it was an awesome feeling.full time since 9/20/ im laid off wishing I could get those hours you get.
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    My progression is 3 years.
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    progression now is 3 years. When I went thru progression it was 2 years. Like another poster said, when they went driving progression was 6 months. Eventually it could very well be 5 years.
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    I have a differant spin on your progression . I have worked full time in the private sector full time for 35+ years for smaller companies and there was no progression the only raises you recieved were for merit only and many times it was a stuggle getting them. The only way you moved up was to work hard or change companies. With progression a least you have defined set period of when you will get top rate.Also you have a great pension, many retired drivers are collecting $4K a month or more after 25-30 years service. In the private sector there are very few companies if any that have a pension.The only monies you get are profit sharing and 401K's .Being a part timer for the last 13 years I have nothing but respect for the package car drivers and how hard they work and the burdens the company puts on them,but the grass is not always greener somewhere else. $31.00 per hour ,great benefits,and a good pension make the progression seem not that bad.( and all brought to you by the IBT). The reason why I stayed after a difficult time in my life are the outstanding benefits and the PT pension . Yeah the extended progression sucks but if you can stick it out there is a reward. The alternatives out there in this economy are very few.
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    Fedex is hiring. 3 years to top scale is pretty damn good if you ask me.