UPS poised for 17% fall?

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    UPS poised for 17% fall? - Marketwatch

    A slowing economy, a business that is too dependent on Europe, and valuations that are too high make United Parcel Service ( UPS +1.07% ) the “Sell of the Week” from Charles Rotblut, editor of AAII journal, who noted that what Brown can do for you is mess up a portfolio.

    “You look at the stock and realize it’s really too high, particularly for the environment we have now with all sorts of uncertainty,’ Rotblut said. “If you assume the economy is going to get better, UPS should do fine, but at the current valuation, some of that upside is already priced into the stock, versus if there is downside and we are looking at the economy slowing down, that is not priced into the stock.”