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    Im an unloader in a facility in NY...I see a job opening for a full time pkg driver in another facility in NY..I fill out the application and it says I see your an employee of UPS already and places my application ON why cant I fill out that application and go get interviewed for that position is there something special that I have to do..positive feedback please...
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    Advancement within UPS in the hourly ranks is solely based upon seniority. There are 2 different types of seniority--seniority with UPS and seniority in a UPS facility. Allowing you to apply for an opening in another facility would not be fair to the people already at that facility who may also be interested in that position. For you to be able to apply at that facility you would have to quit where you are now and reapply at the new facility, unless you were eligible for an educational transfer which is a whole separate thread in and of itself. While you may have more UPS seniority than someone in that facility he has more seniority in that facility than you do so he would get the position ahead of you. Stay where you are, bide your time and your turn will come. If all else fails, come up to Plattsburgh in 10 years and tell them you would like Dave's FT driving job. I'll even leave the uniforms in the pkg car for you.
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    This may be an outside hire position. In our supplement UPS has to hire 1 person from the outside (not currently a union position employee) for every 6 inside hires (a current union position employee, already working at UPS) for fulltime driving.

    Part-time sups, and any other non-union position are considered outside hires.

    Most outside hire driving jobs around here go to part-time sups looking to go into full-time management. I have only seen 1 person hired off the street (not a management person and having never worked for UPS) in the last ten years.

    There may be some legal obligation for UPS to post the job. Not sure about that.
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    talk with HR.

    When I went full-time driving, HR had to open a new application to get the job. Even though I was an existing employee and the job was in the same bldg. So I went on and had a l/p to an online application that HR created.

    That is not to say that what the others said is incorrect, but HR would be my best guess as to the answers you are looking for, as to your eligibility, if it is an outside only hire position within the 6-1, and etc.

    Also, it is probably "seasonal driver" for Oct-Dec - Christmas only -if it is an inside-hire position. At this point there is basically no chance of you working after Xmas and "making book" as a full-time driver. So that is something to consider IF it is an inside hire driving job, too.