UPS provided counseling...


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Say a UPSer needs some counseling...for any reason. These Doctors are paid by UPS to provide the free therapy. Does anyone think there is a chance Doc, patient privacy could be violated?


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Nothing is confidential with this company.
If the company is paying for it you can bet that they (the company) will know the most intricate aspects of your therapy.
I wouldn't get involved with these people....I can't see anything good coming from it.
Do you not have third party insurance that you can use for this purpose?


they can't tell UPS or anyone else what you talk about or that you even called them, I know for a fact, it is worth the call they can help with all sorts of problems, even help get your will in order you name it they can and will help.


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Go to your favorite search engine and type in your "problem", whatever it may be, and determine if there aren't support groups in your area.
Look through your local newspaper, usually towards the end of the week, for listings of different support group meetings in your area. This info can usually be found in the "community" section of your paper.
I researched "disdain for management" and couldn't find any support groups locally so I guess I'm out of luck. Maybe one of our favorite management posters can start an on-line support group. I feel the love already. (sarcasm intended).
If the company gets wind of your "problem", especially if they are paying for it, you will be demonized, patronized and stymatized. It's human nature to do so and it could follow you the rest of your occupational life.
Avoid the company at all costs!

"They can't tell UPS or anyone else what you talk about......." You'll have a fine time proving that they did or didn't.


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ja4079..... I see you're fairly new to this board. Allow me to give you some friendly advice. Never...I repeat NEVER.. disagree with trickpony. Trick is never wrong about anything. He is all knowing on every subject. There is nothing on which he is not an expert, and he is never wrong.

Fortunately he is strong enough to carry this load of perfection. A lesser man would not be strong enough to go thru life with the awesome responsibility of always being right. You should be grateful that he pointed out the error of your confidence that whatever your problem is will not be revieled to UPS.

His goal in life is to reveal to the world what an evil organization UPS is, and how everything they do is aimed at the destruction of the lives of all hourly employees.


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I would not have the slightest problem seeking help from a UPS recommended provider. IF you have serious mental issues, I am sure UPS has already noticed, so it would not be a really big surprise to them.

As far as counseling, I would rather go to a Christian type than secular counseling, just my personal preference. And some options that secular counselors would not offer?

As far as UPS paying for it, that does not make them eligible for accessing your information. No more than you paying for 21 year old. Unless you sign a release of information, they can not release any information to anyone. Period. That would be a federal law violation.

OF course if you intend to have a sex change operation, that might be a bit hard to hide from the company. But it would not be the provider that released the information to the company.

Dont let the distrust of the company keep you from seeking the help you think/know you need. And if Uncle UPS wants to help by picking up the bill..............



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Shoot Brownie, even the 12 hr. Sudafed isn't out in the open anymore. Gotta ask for it from the pharmacist here.


UPS knows the amount actually spent on medical and other benefits by employee by catagory. They do not know the specifics on medical expense.


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Ups Vette,
I'm sorry if I ever offended you. I try to appeal to common sense, reality and intelligence in my posts. If I recall I even forgave you for your presumption that I'm gay based on the nature of my posts.

Anyone that thinks that the company will pay big bucks for the salvation of one of it's employees and not pry into the nature and progress of said employee should be interested in some ocean front property in Montana that I have for sale.

"...they can not release any information to anyone. Period. That would be a federal law violation".
Once again, PROVE IT. Why is it so difficult to explain to you people that it's really hard to prove a telephone call between two parties occurred. I wish I could exist in the dream world that some of you apparently live in but I'm forced to deal with the reality around the facility where I work.

To the original poster....go for it! I wish you the best.

Also be sure to listen to some of these people that seem to be on a life long cruise on the Good Ship Lollipop.


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The proof I have to offer I'm sure you've been involved in much more than I.

As a union steward of many years, I'm sure you know the value of representation when an employee is called into the office. Why is that? Is it because it keeps management from making threats? Is it for documentation purposes? Is it because people tend to talk a little differently when there is a third party around? Is it because no one can prove, or disprove, what was said during a one-on-one conversation behind closed doors?

My point exactly. A telephone call would be extremely difficult to prove or disprove.

The company isn't worried about federal law violations, they occur all the time, especially at the larger hubs. I can only guess that you were in a small rural, extended, satelite, whatever they are called, center complete with pizza parties, wedding showers, birthday parties and other endearing events. In case you aren't aware, the atmosphere at major hubs is quite different.

I will not post anymore on this topic because I don't want to rain on the "wine and roses" parade. Perhaps my original response to the person wanting to know if they should use this "free assistance" and boundless money the company offers should have been:

"why take the chance?"


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Just an afterthought for you all to rip to shreds........
If the original poster is in a driving position or expects to be in a driving position any time soon, I would, again, not involve the company or any company "providers" in any personal problems.


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First off, I try not to rip to shreds someone that is sincere. Only those that are total idiots, and we have seen some here.

Secondly, while I would not classify our center as rural or remote, we had to split our center to three not long ago. Total drivers in the center now is about 120 or so, with the others having 35 or 40 in theirs.

So while not a mega hub, not a small building either.

As to the conditions you mentioned, when getting help for either mental or physical problems, the fewer people involved the better. That has always been the case. More involvement seems to slow the productivity of the process in many cases.

As for the leaking of information, as long as you do not screw up and have a clean record, there is no way, if you have the seniority, that UPS because of any information can keep you from being a driver. You know that, I know that, UPS knows that. Short of having an accident or you are a real ass, becoming a driver is not all that mysterious. It is pretty much cut and dry. The fact you have emotional, mental or physical problems that are not obvious should/would not play a part in whether you make it or not.

As for information that is available to UPS, there is a ton of information to those that know how to glean it out on the web. Information on each one of us. Dont think that they use it do you?

As for issues, the driver that is going to trial over the death of his 2 year old has not been asked not to come to work. The management team and drivers have instead come to the drivers aid as much as possible with days off when needed and overtime when needed. His bills for a lawyer will be close to 50 grand for both he and his wife, up front for now. They go for trial the mid of December. But his wife has been told to say home from her job until the trial is over.

As I said, if I needed help, and the UPS program was available as the only way to get help, I would go in a heartbeat. Getting the help is what is important.

For all its faults, UPS understands that a driver or part timer with problems is a liability waiting for a place to happen. So in the long run, they come out ahead of the game by helping out.

Now, are the providers the best? I dont know. Only the person looking for help can make that determination.

But I think that for the most part, who ever reads the thread will have a fair look at the subject, with both sides represented, and should be able to make an intelligent choice.


Are you one of those people that wears tinfoil on your head at home because "big brother" may be listening in or trying to read your mind from outer space?
Hopefully the original poster is smart enough to see that you've got an agenda here. It's one thing to say that UPS, the "evil empire", is trying to destroy the lives of everyone not in management that may need help. You also feel that the accredited doctors or counselors that provide help to people would violate the law and their professional oath to assist the UPS with this despicable (Daffy Duck voice) plan.... Someone's read too many conspiracy theory books.
Maybe, just maybe we're not all on the "good ship lollipop" as you stated but we realize that UPS might have more important things to worry about than ostracizing employees that reach out for help. It's a stretch but think about it a little.....
I mean to think that UPS monitors everything you do is crazy....wait, did you hear that.....someone is in my wall watching that a camera in that tree outside?.....oh no, better go before they.......<O:p</O:p


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While I understand your post, and for the most part agree with it, there have been times...........

Take for instance Jim (not his real name). He used to be our LP guy. For almost two years he spent more time within a half mile of me than his own wife. It was common knowledge that he was tailing me all hours of the day just waiting for me to screw up. Even to the point of following me to Walmart, out to eat, hell, even to church.

His great chance came one Christmas when I had four helpers on my truck. One of them collected a cash COD on Wednesday. The helper forgot to give it to me. He did not discover the cash and tags until Friday night when he laundered his clothes. He took the money to the center and gave it to one of the guys at the car wash, who gave it to me when I got in at 10:30PM. And I turned it in that same night. Since we were on paper, I never really checked to see when it was, I just turned it in when I got them.

Well of course he fired me for stealing from the company. Or actually he got UPS to fire me, while he claimed how sorry he was to be the one to catch me stealing.

And had it not been for the car washer coming forward with the truth, my but would have been gone.

So while UPS would not stoop to low life actions such as Trick has called attention to, there would be some in UPS management that I would not put something like this past.

But the safety catch is that there is no way possible for a manager to access the private information on one of the employees. Even if ups pays the bills, there are real limits as to the information they are allowed. Only if you give the permission in writing can UPS access it. And even then, very few people at UPS have the authorization level needed to access this file of information.

As for the LP guy, after he got busted for beating his wife, he got transfered east. Far enough away that even though he lives down the street from me 5 miles, I only see him once every two or three years.