UPS provides benefits to Civil Union Partners

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    The topic of civil rights for gays has been gaining plenty of momentum in our country and around the world. On average, many Americans erroneously believe that LGBT employees have workplace protections. But, this is wrong. In many states (except those with explicit laws), a person can be fired for simply being or perceived to be LGBT (congress continually votes down the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA)

    I'm glad that UPS finally changed its stance of domestic benefits and is taking the lead, in some instances, in gay rights.

    As an open forum, I wanted to ask for your input on this issue. In what ways can UPS be more inclusive and supportive of minority groups? I hope that you too, support the benefits finally granted to the gay community. Of course, not everyone does but it is 2007 and hate is so last century. Besides, we are made much more interesting BECAUSE of our differences - not despite them.

    Could you imagine a world where we were all the same?

    Thanks for letting me share.
  2. brett636

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    UPS did it only for the almight dollar. They didn't want to see thousands of gays picketing them and refusing to ship with them over this issue. Personally I wish they stood their ground and refused to extend benefits. Choosing to be gay shouldn't allow you any special rights.
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    You want our input? Why not check out the thread titled Gay Rights; we have a lot of input there on this issue.
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    I saw the previous post - but it was so negative; I was hoping to change the course. Maybe to put a little postive energy behind the issue. Start fresh.

    Besides, it's my first thread and gave me a little rush of excitement.

    "You must become the change you want to see," Ghandi
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    Great effort, F'nrights!!
    Actually, the choice in gay peoples life is whether or not to accept a lower status in society, potential harrassment, and embrace who they truly are. Being gay is more than just sex. Gay people experience trust, respect, care, compassion, and love for a person - the only difference is the gender. Scientific results have been inconclusive as to the origins of sexual orientation (which we all have). The American Psychological Association (APA) has stated recently that at best it's a combination of genetic, hormonal and environmental conditions that determines whether a person will be gay or straight.

    I'm glad UPS did the right thing.
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    Good luck - and I hope you are made of tough skin; this is a "heavy" topic for your first thread!
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    I think company wide, and countrywide, this will just lead to employers insuring only the employed person, and we will pay for anyone else on our policy, but at a reduced rate of what it would cost to buy insurance outright.
  8. Raw

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    Whats up with all the gay puns in your thread!! :cool:
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    The legality of same sex marriages in Massachusetts was put in place by a judge.

    The governor of that state, Mitt Romney, wants to support an amendment that would overturn that right and make it illegal for same-sex couples to marry and their unions illigal.

    Then what?
  10. over9five

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    "The governor of that state, Mitt Romney,...."

    Former governor.

    Our new governor, Deval Patrick, embarrassed us all by being the first Massachusetts governor to take part in a gay pride parade. And he led the fight with threats and intimidation, NOT to allow the people of his state to vote on gay marriage.

    Formally known as the Bay State, Massachusetts is now jokingly referred to as the "Gay State".
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    Too much of this discussion focuses on being gay. the point of being gay is not the issue here in my mind. I want to see how this will be policed since we don't have the traditional marriage and divorce to define the beginning and end of the relationship. I therefore believe the process is rife for fraud as it now exists.
  12. tieguy

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    will you fight for mans right to marry an animal next? Ghandi was an indian. We live in america where our hero's who fought for equality also had marriages, concieved children and lived within the guidelines of christianity.
  13. DS

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    John Lennon sang about the same thing and some maroon shot him.
    Guns do more than keep you free.
    The law has got to look deeper,before it finds out its in each and every man.Some peoples opinions can be deadly.
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    There is a driver at my center whos son has a RARE protein deficiency disease. It has a long word but i will not attempt to repeat it. It is so rare that only a handful of young persons in the world are known to have it. His insurance does not cover most of the proceedures and treatments he has to go through. AND GAYS are going to be covered in the future. BEING GAY is not Natural, nothing can be produced from being gay, besides AIDS and several other sexual diseases. Our society and especially HOLLYWOOD are doing nothing but GLAMOURIZING homosexuality, and that's one reason our country is headed to the latreen.

  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Poor kid. That is messed up. You are definately right about AIDS. One fact that gays and the gay cheerleaders out there ignore, or just don't know about, is that the type of sex (anal) gay men have is more likely to spread AIDS then regular hetero sex. Even if a condom is used. I forget that exact stats on that but I remember it was unreal. Maybe they were twice as likely to contract AIDS. Feel free to look it up. AIDS was even called "The Gay Plague" before. Maybe the title was warranted. Yes, heteros can contract diseases that way too but we all know how gays get down. LOL.
  16. toonertoo

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    Is it called phenylketonuria? PKU for short? A metabolic disorder, dealing with the chromosone #12? , which cannot break down protein, and becomes toxic to the brain.
  17. athena

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    You mean it is easier for MEN to contract AIDS instead of just women. Women are more likely to get AIDS from heterosexual sex than men. So, obviously, it is MEN who are spreading this disease around and so maybe MEN should just stop having sex. There, problem solved. I think that argument makes about as much sense as your argument for why homosexuals should not receive benefits.

    As for the kid that is not being covered, that is very sad and completely wrong. However, that is what is wrong with INSURANCE COMPANIES not homosexuals. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to not cover expenses of their clients. If a person has a problem with the current coverage that is something to take up with the insurance company and quit using it as an excuse for why others should not be receiving insurance.
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    Of everything I've read in this thread 'I'm glad UPS did the right thing.' stuck in my mind the most. That simple statement can give us all reassurance we can go about our daily activities and even rest easier knowing the "right" thing has been done (sic). Nobody knows as a fact the right thing was done with respect to this topic.

    For any society to exist, morals must be established to create a norm. These morals are created as a result from individual opinions and beliefs from within the society. I was not at all displeased with the approach society took as a whole to homosexuality in the past. Unfortunately this has become a 'movement' within my lifetime demanding it's 'perceived rights' that has accomplished gains mostly from complacency and apathy of the masses. Given that society is more inclined to react, I can only hope it does so within our children's lifetime to repulse this movement. For if this is progress, then how soon before we justify, validate, and entitle the actions of a pedophile based on a psychological thesis?

    I still consider homosexuality abhorent behavior not deserving a piece of the economic benefits pie. I can only wonder if Ghandi were alive today, would he be demanding insurance and survivor benefits for his movement? IMHO (that's humble... by the way).
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    The song " Imagine " is about embracing communism.
  20. Raw

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    Glad you decided to come out of the closet, Tie!! :thumbup1: