UPS pushes envelope on downtown service

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    UPS pushes envelope on downtown service - Plain Dealer

    Daniel Ortwerth likens the competition between United Parcel Service and FedEx to the Cold War between the United States and the former Soviet Union.
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    This is a great idea, this is long overdue. I don't want UPS to be "second best" in the premium overnight market. UPS and Fedex planes land at the airport at about the same time in major cities, it makes good business sense to deliver Next Day Air as soon as possible. I deliver EAM before my regular route, most businesses open 7:30- 8AM. If I pay top dollar for an important package to get delivered overnight, I want it as soon as possible, not after 10 AM. Fedex delivers to my house at 8AM, an hour before most of our drivers pull out of the building.
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    Yeah agreed, it's good to see UPS trying to make more of a dent into its overnight market share. That's a much better operation to be under.
  4. I don't how they can do it in Chicago. They pushed our start times back to 845. Three years ago it was 8 A.M. I'm lucky if I get out of the building by 910 and on the route by 925.
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    It's the freakin' ground volume more than anything else.