UPS reduces expected number of furloughed pilots

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    UPS reduces expected number of furloughed pilots - Google

    UPS Inc. is reducing the number of its planned pilot furloughs to about 230 from 300 because of its improving financial condition.

    It has already furloughed about 109 pilots out of the planned 230. UPS, which has nearly 3,000 pilots, announced the planned furloughs in February.

    UPS, which is heavily unionized, said it still has more pilots than it needs because it's flying less airplanes than several years ago and its existing planes spend less time in the air. The FAA's move to raise the mandated pilot retirement age to 65 from 60 in 2007 also kept about 200 pilots on staff that would have retired, it said. Each pilot on furlough collects about $185,000 in pay and benefits per year, according to UPS.
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    I wouldn't mind being furloughed at this rate.