UPS Requests Exemption for Driver-Trainees to Operate Doubles

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    UPS Requests Exemption for Driver-Trainees to Operate Doubles - Transport Topics

    United Parcel Service Inc. has requested a five-year renewable exemption from federal regulations in order to allow its driver-trainees with commercial learner permits to operate twin 28-foot trailers on public roads.

    The move would afford driver-trainees behind-the-wheel skills training under the direct supervision of a driving instructor.

    Current federal regulations do not allow an employer to have a driver without a learner’s permit or commercial driver license with the proper class or endorsements to operate a commercial motor vehicle with doubles or triples on public roads, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said in the Feb. 24 announcement.
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    Follows the request for 5 year exemption for package car trainees. Why delay the process? Send your On Car sups to school and get on with it.
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    What could possibly go wrong?
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    They only give these guys a week to get a cdl. Now they want to pull doubles from day 1?
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    Production before safety, there’s a reason why they don’t currently allow this.
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    double 45's.

    we pulled them all the time in Reno rush hour traffic from the Michelin Tire plant ( lot of fun ) to the hub but the runs are out in the boonies.

    yes, what could go wrong???