UPS & Ryder to ex-dividends

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    Ok. I'm an idiot.....
    What in the heck does this mean?????
    On the Brown Cafe main page, a post reading about ex-dividends, and the dow transport.
    If anyone has any knowledge on this subject, please respond.
    I'm hoping it doesn't result in lowering or eliminating the dividends, or the stock price will see an even larger decline.

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    What Is "Ex-Dividend"?

    By Motley Fool Staff
    October 1, 2003
    Dividends are wonderful, but they're slightly more complicated than you might think. For example, there's the "ex-dividend" concept. A company's dividend is not simply paid to whomever is holding the stock on the day the dividend is paid. Instead, an "ex-dividend" date is set, often several weeks before payday. If you buy shares of a dividend-paying stock on or after the ex-dividend date, you won't receive the upcoming dividend payment. The person who owned the stock when it went ex-dividend gets that chunk of change.
    You can often tell which stocks are trading ex-dividend, because they'll have a special designation in stock listings, such as an "x" next to their name.
    You might think it would be a neat trick to buy such stocks just before they go ex-dividend, so that you can quickly profit from the dividend amount. But stock prices get adjusted downward around the ex-dividend date, to compensate for the upcoming dividend payout. As Snidely Whiplash would mutter, "Curses! Foiled again!"
    Still, it's smart to consider dividends when seeking companies in which to invest. If a company's stock just languishes for a few years but it pays a solid dividend, you'll be able to profit during the lull. Some companies that have recently sported solid dividend yields include Tupperware (NYSE: TUP), Cedar Fair (NYSE: FUN), Sara Lee (NYSE: SLE),and Merck (NYSE: MRK).
    One place to find good dividend-paying candidates is in our new stock newsletter, Motley Fool Income Investor, which will send you two investment recommendations each month. If you're interested, check it out (we're offering a risk-free trial right now).
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    feederdude.......this is nothing new and has always been this way to my memory.....the terminology came across as confusing to me though. Anytime you have any questions on stock market junk, just sign up at Motley Fool (it's free) and all I did was enter "ex-dividend" in their search area.
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    I enjoy my quarterly check. I've been buying ever since we got offered stock through payroll deduction nice way to save some cash plus 10% discount is a good deal. I think I'm gonna sell soon though if I don't see UPS rededicate itself to its core values that we all know have been going out the window. This next contract and 100 year anniversary will be a big litmus test for both company and union. I hope we can all prosper together.
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    "Prosper together"

    AMEN !!
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    More-Since when is it free. I had to pay for the year I was a member and quit when it came time to reup.
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    I don't pay for anything at Motley......It was just like registering at Brown Cafe.......I don't use chat forums or anything. I just looked up the term "ex-dividend" there.

    Just now, I entered and clicked on a news story and was able to read it. Maybe you subscribed to one of their premium services where you have to pay.