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    Your thread discusses the UPS Savings Plan. Most of us here are eligible to participate in the TeamsterUPS401k Plan, which is not the same as the UPS Savings Plan. When I clicked on your link and tried to view the rating on the Teamster plan it said that there was not enough information to establish a rating.
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    While the site rates the 401 (k) as average, it includes areas that it states it does not have sufficient data on.

    The only "Poor" area was company generosity. I'm not sure the time frame of this, but keep in mind the match has been temporarily suspended.

    The average does not describe the performance of the assets in the plan and based on how you described it can be misleading.

    Part of what was mentioned earlier is that a number of employees participate in Union plans, which would affect the rating that this site has on UPS Savings Plan. It would reduce the number of participating employees and the total assets in the plan.