Ups scs always negative?

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  1. I'm new, just over a year. Is UPS SCS negative everywhere? You do 50 things well, and 1 thing wrong and the entire focus is on the 1 thing. I'm not talking about a major thing either, or anything effecting a customer, minor admin crap. This company is the most anal, union mentality, create busy work for nothing I have ever seen. Marketing comes up with lame ideas to create a false sense of importance. 5 IAF Targets, 5 Ocean Targets, and now 2 have t be export, NAAF, CHB. All micro-managing crap. Just let the salespeople sell.
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    Its just not SCS, thats the way this whole company operates.
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    You're only as good as your last report, be a 1yr employee or 30yr. You're just another number that some other number is in charge of to make you get better numbers on some number sheet on someone's desk. This is where we work, assimilate or be destroyed.:peaceful:
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    Welcome to BC.
    I am sorry you dislike your employment at UPS.
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    Reistance is futile in management ranks.
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    I don't think the OP is management.
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    In my hub two sups came from sales"BD if i remeber correct". I assumed OP was in management cause OP refers to self as salesperson.
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    The door swings both ways, SCS. Enjoy your stay.
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    you should take your negativity elsewhere, AntiChrist.....I mean AnthRob. 7 post and nothing productive or worthwhlie. And to top it off you give me reputation calling me a scab. Real class act.
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    hahahahaha, yeah that'll be the day

    technology is increasing micro-management, not only at UPS but in virtually every industry, the government, and the military

    just do the best you can and as to the rest, find a good scapegoat