UPS SCS Needs Unions!

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    I work at UPS Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) and we do not have Union representation. We need Unions at UPS SCS, just like they have unions at the small package facilities. Without Unions the Management team pushes around the employees, and we have no represetation. Voice your concerns to bring UNIONS to UPS Supply Chain Solutions.
    If anyone else works at UPS SCS feel we need Unions, speak up!
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    If you want to unionize contact the Teamster local in your area and inquiry how you would go about it.
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    There is a SCS facility, which used to be called Transborder, about 15-20 minutes from our local center. They do pick and pack, freight forwarding, customs/brokerage functions and other general warehouse functions. The employees earn between $10-15/hr without benefits.

    In my personal opinion any attempt to unionize would be met with strong resistance from UPS and little to no support from unionized hourlies within UPS.
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    Not exactly on topic but I helped set up and train on the technology systems in that facility about 10 years ago.
    I remember it being cold, snowing and daylight being very short ... it was in January.
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    Hate to disappoint you but please dont think that by having union representation the management "pushing you around" is going to stop. That will all depend on whos sleeping with who.Good luck
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    I always knew it was my wife's fault.
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    UPS SCS is already covered in the national master agreement. All they have to do is vote for representation and you will have the same contract basically that we do in package. Contact your ocal union office and tell them your interested in organizing your facility.
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    SCS operations are JOKES. learn to get air freight delivered on time then say you need representation.
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