UPS settles NY truck repair probe for $1.3 million

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    UPS settles NY truck repair probe for $1.3 million -

    United Parcel Service has agreed to pay $1.3 million and use an independent vehicle inspector for five years after investigators found dozens of its delivery trucks had operated with damaged frames in the state, the attorney general said.

    The investigation began after a company mechanic tipped officials that four trucks with cracked frames he removed from service at the Watertown facility in March 2006 were allowed to keep going without repairs, the attorney general said.
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    Let me guess - the mechanic got fired and the center management team got promoted
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    Most ppl would be FLOORED at the stuff they get away with. And I don't mean mechanics. They are for the most part pretty cool. They tend to care about our safety more than the man's image.

    [-]They better keep that crap outta my state. I was outta work 4 mos injured b/c of repairable equipment. You think they've fixed it? Think again.[/-]

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    Some of the old P600's and 400's we drove had more weld on their frames than steel. The scary part was that our mechanic was the worlds worst welder.
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    This is my center. The mechanic was fired. He was re-hired, then fired again. He is quite wealthy now.
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    Safety First!