UPS Shipping Loyality

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    I saw on a previous thread that somebody had canceled there service because the company they were dealing with would not ship UPS. I personally think thats insane, I do however ask if they can ship with us but if they don't oh well, I wouldn't cancel them. I have in the past used the USPS to ship something small like a book or a really small box only because the USPS was cheaper. I have rejected shipping from DHL in the past because they are just bumbling idiots. I ordered a computer from Dell with our UPS discount and the jackasses left it on my front door in the pouring rain and then when I called to have them come back and get it the guy I talked to said I should have had somebody there for it I knew it was coming. So I got his name and drove to the only DHL building in my area and found him and dumped the rain soaked box right on his desk, While I was wearing my UPS work shirt!!!! I was just wondering what other people have done in the past.....
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    I use UPS as often as possible and most of the businesses I do business with ship UPS. I do not use Fedex because I have to be home to sign for the IT products....its not their service, but their service policy. I ship USPS on the small stuff as UPS is pricey, but 90% of the purchases I do are shipped UPS. All in all they are the most reliable and a lot of places I shop have free UPS ground.
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    I get off work before our customer counter opens. They used to let us leave the pkg and money then pick up our receipt and change the next day but have done away with that.
    The PO is right on my way home and they're open.

    Oh yes, several years ago I ordered something and had it shipped next day air. Couldn't find it at the center and it was never delivered that day. Found it the center the next day. I asked about some sort of a refund and they blew me off.
    Pee poor service and customer relations, in my opinion.
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    I think that Teamsters should be compelled BY LAW to use only the company they work for to ship items - and they should be required BY LAW to pay four times the price. You can afford it.<p>

    In states in which union membership is compulsory, they should be required BY LAW to adopt the Christian religion, and vote Republican as a condition of employment. If not, you're out the door.<p>

    How's that for a compromise?
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    A law can't compell you to do something. You don't like unions?
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    When I used to have a business (at the same time I worked for UPS) I used to ship FedEx. I was even approached about from my bosses. They asked why I wouldn't ship thru UPS since I work for them. My simple answer was, "They give me a discount and the company that I work for won't even do that."
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    I agree with Currahee here, too........