UPS socked with $100M overtime lawsuit

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    UPS socked with $100M overtime lawsuit - Yahoo

    Shipping giant UPS is being accused of not paying overtime to account managers who go door-to-door making sales pitches to businesses.

    The suit seeks a jury trial, more than $100 million in damages and the payment of attorneys' fees. As a class-action suit, it also seeks to represent other UPS employees who face the same situation as Meza.
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    Can anyone say "They work on Commission"
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    ...or "salaried employee"?
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    Salesguy must be worried about the price of diapers and baby food.
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    Management pay is based on 45 hours per week.
    I wonder if they will return money for the weeks they did not work 45 hours?
    I assume this lawsuit is based in California or Mississippi.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I wonder if this kind of resentment toward UPS is affecting sales. $100 million dollar lawsuit means alot of forced overtime and intimidation to put in your "share". This can't be good for the morale of sales and finally put together a class action to say "ENOUGH!".
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    That would be California. Hoaxter, I used to call myself a proud Californian.
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    I don't understand the concept. You take the job know what the requirements are and then sue about it.
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    I dont know of any FT Mgmt working less than 45...or 50 or 55...
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    Our center manager is always gone by 3:30 and sometimes earlier if he feels like it or his kids have something going on or he has to referee a junior high basketball game at 3:00.
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    This is one person who worked for Overnight and now works for UPS Freight as an "Account Manager". The article states that "account managers don't make sales or obtain contracts nor do they perform managerial type work".

    The article also states: "Their sole responsibility is to deliver the company's pre-scripted promotional messages to local businesses in a particular area,".

    Never heard if this type of position in the Small Package business unit. Some how I doubt if this exists in UPS Freight. According to this article we have "Account Managers" who go door to door to blurt out a scripted message. It might be that we have some people in UPS Freight who are attempting to obtain sales leads; however, it seems there has got to be more to the story.

    Most successful AEs (Account Executives) I know in UPS Small Package do work close to or more than a 60 hour week. Part of the problem is that the AEs have a lot of "busy" work they have to do that cuts back on their "face time" in front of customers.

    It would be good to hear from someone in UPS Freight sales to find out what the real story is.
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    The lack of knowledge of some of the postings here leads me to think that UPS hire idiots. First of all, Account Managers do not receive commission only, it is a base salary plus bonus position. Secondly, when interviewing for an AM position, the candidate is not informed of the hours required for the job. It is never discussed that you will be working 55-65+ hours a week. The attitude from upper management and even Human Resources is that you will be abused and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

    Having worked in sales for many years, I can tell you that I have never seen such ineptitude from upper management as there is at UPS. It's pathetic that this company chooses to hire people for management positions that don't even have basic skills for working with and supervising others. I can say with complete confidence that there are those in management that would not even be considered for the most entry-level and menial positions with other reputable companies. One doesn't have to wonder how they get these positions. There is a "fake it to make it" philosophy by those incompentent managers. And if you're not qualified you can always be "friendly" with the right individual to get promoted - if you know what I mean.

    Those who want to post ignorant and uninformed messages here would think quite differently if you even worked one day at UPS. This lawsuit was a long time coming. It is well deserved and completely legitimate.
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    Even if you are wrong, I like your user name.
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    I have to speak to this topic only because I am in such agreement with the post from CamelToeIsaBitch. First of all, how appropriate the name is for those UPS'ers who probably feel like they are "restricted" and "bound" to their jobs. I've read on many other posts outside of this one where people are saying everything from they don't agree to "way to go girl". My opinion is that the naysayers will most likely be the first ones in line to cash their checks if this thing holds water. I do believe that Meza has a valid point and would never suggest herself to the scrutiny if she didn't have solid representation and cause. I don't believe that anyone should question her intentions unless they had walked a mile in her shoes. While it looks as though the suit is filed out of California, legally I would bet that others not in the state are wishing they could join in. One last should be a blessing to the Account Managers that these positions are not commission only because anyone who knows the process knows that the "un-capped" bonus offered to the AM's for territory growth is a JOKE!