UPS spent more than $1.3M lobbying gov't in 1Q

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Dfigtree, May 11, 2009.

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    $1.3 million? Mere pocket change compared to other "heavy hitters."

    The Teamsters are #11 on the all-time Heavy hitters list while UPS is # 21 and Fedex is # 33. AT&T is #1 on the list.
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    I would think that this is accurate for the long term, but for the short term I'd bet UPS and FedEx are in the Top 5 in view of all the controversy over the EFCA and the RLS. UPS, PLEASE SPEND MORE MONEY!!!
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    As long as my check clears on friday, i'm not worrying what they do with the rest of it. Now come 2013 will be a different story.......
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    OK ... I feel better now. This is not UPS company money. This is UPSPAC which donates to politicians and is funded by donations almost totally from UPS Management.

    UPS spends a lot more on "lobbying" I would hope.
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    And as a retiree you also get to contribute to UPSPAC, which regardless of what you contribute, it's more money for political issues, that may affect the transportation industry.
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    And the majority of teamster money comes from teamsters that donate weekly to DRIVE and not out of the dues money. If more people could contribute a dollar a week we would climb up the ladder and start getting more people on our side of some of these issues. IMO
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    you would probably bet wrong. We have this debate here every year. someone says wow look how much ups spent. We then find out everyone else sepent a heck of a lot more.
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    FAA Reauthorization and Safety. Remember UPS has an airline and needs to pay to play.
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    They've spent a bunch, and UPS is smart to do so. Beating Smith will make Brown much more competitive on NDA rates. If the Ground case goes to the Supreme Court, then you will be able to match or beat Ground rates too. Over the years, Fred has spent millions to keep his special deal, and UPS wasn't smart enough or motivated enough to try and stop him. Now they've got their chance and they need to spend whatever it takes to put Smith in his place. If I get a union out of the deal, that's OK too.
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    Yep UPS stated "we are a trucking company with airplanes", Fred always said I am an airline with trucks. He made out for years with favorable legislation. UPS will always step over a dollar to pick up a penny. UPSCO is run like a trucking company and has paid the price.
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    Good article on FAA bill on UPS Finance @ Yahoo. This is a very important article for UPS but again not one person on this board has mentioned it.
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    We consider you a person ... sort of. :wink2:

    You got a link?
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    You just mentioned it.
    I don't yahoo, I wouldn't know anything about it.
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    Judging by what happened in the House of Representatives, UPS has spent their money wisely.
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    Cheryl took note of this and posted it under UPS Headlines.
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    I just got this in the mail. It's not UPS's money that they are spending, it's mine. Though it's only mine they would spend, if I gave em some. That would feel kind of weird though, workinging hard, making money, and then giving some of that money right back to UPS. I don't think so. Besides, how do they know what my "best" political interests are?

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    They assume that you will believe that what is good for the company is good for you. We all know this is not necessarily true. The also assume that your best political interest is the same as theirs.
    In the case of UPSPAC funneling money to fight for the right for FedEx employees to organize I happen to agree( and I am not going to debate this issue anymore), but I am not going to give them my hard earned money to do so. Our center alone spends way more just putting out fires, than I could afford to contribute to political causes. If they would just FIX the problems they would have more profit to spend on UPSPAC issues.