(On Topic Only Please) Ever experience Stewards who appear more sympathetic to UPS than they do the employees.?


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Over my several decades of experience as a UPS Teamster I have always found it problematic when union stewards are more sympathetic to the company side than they are the employee side.

I have definitely experienced this on multiple occasions.

Anyone else experience union stewards that appear to be company men and not union men?


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Just got the notice in the mail of our meeting to nominate representatives.

Sunday September 4 at 8am. Yes, Labor Day weekend.

So on brand.

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I know an ex steward who said being one was a total headache. What you sign up for though. I’m sure people constantly come to you for petty things.
With the short amount of time I’ve been one, it’s a pain in the ass at times. Deal with harassment from both management and members, but helping people out, and finding solutions to their problems keeps me going. Rome wasn’t built in a day.