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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Fnix, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Fnix

    Fnix Active Member

    Can you work at both UPS and UPS Store?
  2. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    Don't know why not. As far as I know the UPS stores are a franchise deal. You don't really work for UPS at a UPS store. You would get paid by the owner of the store and it is not a union job.
  3. IDoLessWorkThanMost

    IDoLessWorkThanMost New Member

    Thats the right answer.
    The funny part is, these franchises are given the UPS shipping rates, but they adjust them as high as they feel necessary. "robbers" lol Anyone who ships anything at a UPS store is either too lazy to go to a counter or too wealthy to care about a few bucks.
  4. blacknproud

    blacknproud Member

    I sell on Ebay sometimes and if it is fragile I will goto the UPS store, it is 5 mins down the street, and a hell of a lot closer than the hub which by me is a 45min drive....also you show them your ID, the packing material is free and you get a 5% discount. Since my ebay customer is paying for the s/h charges it's a win win. I always have them bubble wrap in very tightly too, lol
    Never had to make a claim yet. Most of my ebay stuff I pack at home and print the label off of the net, then drop it off at the UPS store, I wouldn't say lazy per se, my time is valuable. JMO
  5. moreluck

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    If you do your packages online, then just drop them on the counter of the UPS store, there are no additional charges. You don't have to use the UPS customer counter (which is far away for me)
  6. Channahon

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    Has anyone seen the commercial of guaranteed claims for damages or lost packages when the UPS store packs your package for you?

    Not sure why it took so long for that to happen, but should promote customer loyalty and increase revenues for the UPS store owners.
  7. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Yea,but there`s a lot of fine print in them thar commercials.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Our local UPS store is a much better alternative during non-Peak season because our customer counter hours are only 3-6pm. During Peak they go from 12-6pm. I ship my packages online and then bring them to work and put them on the customer counter or put them in with my pickup volume.
  9. satellitedriver

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    What kind of stuff are you selling?
  10. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider 30 yrs & counting

    I deliver to a small town of 10,000 people plus the population of two college campuses. I always get a big kick out the people that can't be at home to sign for their packages. They will leave me a note asking me to drop it off at the UPS Store for them and they will get it that evening. (Like I am going to stop what I'm doing and run it over there for them that day) They don't even take the time to check with the store. They just assume that the UPS Store is part of UPS.

    They get a big shock the next day when they go to get their package. The owner of the store will take it for them but he charges them 5.00 a pop! Guess it serves them right for not taking the time to call and check first. The college kids are the biggest abusers. Even if they aren't in class they ain't gonna sit at home waiting for me to pull up. Alot of them have changed their mailing addresses now and send their stuff to the campus post office.:smart:
  11. BigBrownSanta

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    I always tell people who stop me to give me their ARS packages to take the packages to the UPS Store.

    UPS pays a small commission to the UPS Store for drop offs, and the stores here don't charge them for dropping off the packages.

    Also, it's easier for my pickup accounts that aren't ready when I get there to have them drop off their packages at the UPS Store instead of me having to come back later.

    Some of these UPS Stores are really struggling to stay in business.
  12. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Back when they were Mailboxes Etc the one on my route was owned by a real prick who thought he had carte blanche on how to tell me to run my day. Oh how i fondly remember the day that the press release came out that UPS was buying into the company. I went in with a big smile and busted his chops by telling him that now that I,as a UPS stockholder,was part owner that things were going to change.:devil3: