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  1. Well I just stared working for ups 2 years ago. And been driving for a year now, just wondering I see alot of guys tap there truck batteries to plug in

    -Phone Chargers

    And also see a few ppl bringing large duffle bags to work with all kinds of stuff like flashlights, paper towel, spare set of clothes. And of course I see alot of ice chest, 5 gallon water coolers, lunch bags, bla bla.

    Anyway I just wanted to know what exactly to you guys think would be worth it to bring for a 10-12 hour shift at UPS. In my own personal experience I would only bring what I could carry on me at all times and an Ice Chest. Ive tried those other things and its nice, but most the time its just a big pain in the arse.

    This is my set up.
    Big Ice Chest for waters and lunch, flashlight, pocket GPS(instead of using a map), flashlight, small bag with infonotice, COD invelopes, pens, asprin, etc, cell phone.
  2. Fnix

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    Mini fridge
  3. longlunchguy

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    debit card:thumbup1:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    All purpose Wet Wipes...
  5. 705red

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    Rookie alot of that stuff will fit in our lockers! You can chain your lunch box with your cart at night and sometimes your radio to if it has a handle and wont fit in your locker. I would not advise you to hook up to your battery, try your over head bulk light, or ask your mechanic to install a cigarette lighter (for a small fee to you).

    I have seen trucks carpeted with padding in the back, mini fridges that have power cords, florescent lighting etc. I just have a radio, a map, cooler, and a hand cart thats all i need!
  6. dragracer66

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    Dude....From a mechanic standpoint please please please don't tap into any batteries or dome light wiring it create's all kind of problem's with starting or messing with the ecm if your truck has one. Simply go introduce yourself to your mechanic slip him a twenty spot and have him install a cig lighter hookup. It's been done here alot and half the time we won't even take the money, because doing it that way might possibly save us and you a road call:thumbup1:
  7. Upslady20

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    Hopefully your mechanic will be easier to deal with than the one in our building. He only wanted to hook up the cigarette lighter so it only had power when the truck was running. It took a long time but he finally wired it direct to the wire that controls the dome light. I use it for my sirius boombox. Way better than listening to regular radio stations. I also keep a plastic tote in the back with tylenol, immodium, windbreaker, maps, flashlight, extra batteries, gloves, extra contact eye drops, extra roll of tape and info notices. I leave it in the car and when I go on vacation or know I am taking a day off I just take it out of the car.
    I would not wire it directly to the battery. Good luck with your mechanic though.
  8. area43

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    Hi brown boy, I don't know about the other centers, but in our its a big no no to plug anything into the pkg car electrical system. We have had many pcm's over the matter. I guess a pkg car caught fire because of it. This didn't happen in our center. I can't confirm if its nationwide policy(on the electrical thing). It depends on your dispatch on how much stuff you'll need to bring. Sleeping bag, tent, 3 day supply of rations, plenty of water and pain killers no illegal drugs because that could get you fired, also it will impair your driving.

    Im on a rural route, but I do have a restaurant to eat at. They treat me like a king. If you don't have one I would suggest buying some TV dinners and placing them next to the engine. In about 4 hours you will have a piping hot meal(just kidding). Well, Brown Boy I hope this serve s you well and by the way register when you have time. The Brown Cafe is a great place to be a member(Follks I just had to put that plug in). sincerely a43
  9. DS

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    I believe its an individual thing.We have a guy that looks like hes moving every morning and evening.I have no need for a gps unit,or cell phone,or a radio .I have a small bag with an ice pack,water and lunch.
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    Hurry up Pills
  11. Covemastah

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    I re wired the back up moniter to get redsox games and a free porn channel, then i gave the local kid 5 bucks a day to run off my house calls and answer my ods messages,
  12. retired2000

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    if you are delivering where you get snow and ice you may want an extra pair of socks and gloves. also an ice scrapper comes in handy.
  13. over9five

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    I can't believe some of the luggage I see some drivers bringing in every day! I walk in with a small water bottle, that's it!
  14. clockrider

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    I have a small ice chest with water and my lunch, and my backpack with a small towel, ibuprofen, info notices, etc. No radio or gps, they are not allowed in our district.
  15. 30andout

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    Condoms, don't forget condoms. Lots and lots of condoms.
  16. 705red

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    Clock look in your contract! Radios aree allowed in the vehicles. Depending what area you fall under, i have not heard of any contract with that exception. I believe your management team is pulling one over on you. Could you elaborate why they wont allow them, just curious.
  17. browned_out

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    :thumbup1: I work in a center that does alot of rural rtes, I take a backpack with maglite, asprin, pocketknife, thomas guide and the most important piece of equipment-BABYWIPES.
  18. helenofcalifornia

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    Amen to the baby wipes!!! When I first start doing a route on a regular basis, I never have too much stuff. When I switch to another route on a regular basis, I have tons of stuff to move over. A lot is just junk paper I collect along the way. This is when I do my spring cleaning and eject a lot of stuff and get back to the basics. And doesn't everyone carry a tape gun?
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    Try Monkey butt
  20. DS

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