UPS takes extra steps to keep employees and customers safe during COVID-19 pandemic


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UPS takes extra steps to keep employees and customers safe during COVID-19 pandemic - 25 News Week

UPS is just one of many delivery services working through social isolation and the stay-at-home order.

Right now, people are relying on delivery services more than ever, and those still delivering are doing what they can to protect the well-being of their customers and employees. UPS is a designated 'Critical Infrastructure Business' and must continue to work as usual.

UPS says they update their employees regularly with recommendations to manage health risks. For example, social distancing. Inside all UPS facilities, space has been added between work stations and all employees. If a UPS employee does get sick, the company is allowing up to 10 days of compensation,


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ups......always reactive. proactive costs money.
In this situation, their reaction has been to lie to the media and continue SOP. They cancelled PCMs, but haven't even mentioned the guys social distancing in the mornings. They provide board wipes but don't disinfect the cars. They tell us to wash our hands, but that isn't what OSHA guidance for us, and I have yet to see a glove handed out.
They don't do these things in my hub and we are outbreak central in my state. I dont understand why UPS is ignoring our safety, but it will bite them in the ass.


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I'm waiting for one of those regular updates.

Also waiting for that social distancing policy.

Management is neglecting us.

I am in a state with a stay at home request.

Nothing has changed where I am at. There has been no space added for anyone's work station.

UPS if presenting FAKE NEWS to Americans so they don't lose confidence in their deliveries being safe.