UPS telling you they have no money?


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Using Democrats' definition of asylum, basically the whole continent would be entitled to. They think being poor means you're a refugee. It doesn't.

The fact is we're 4% of the world population, but take in 20% of the world's migrants. Four times what the second leading country for migrants takes in.
We could have 750 million here in a flash and transform the US into a third world liberal marxist dream!

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It’s amazing what kind of liars and Spin Doctors come on here and tell you all sorts of perversion are just fine, and your eyes are lying to you. We’ve already seen the one you’re replying to has no problem with him and suffering as long as it doesn’t affect him.
This is ok for them because it’s out of sight therefore out of their mind. Object permanence-ridden idiots. Literal mental children.


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Exporting your inflation to poorer countries is an asylum generator.
Notice your going into the expansion phase again with debt news. It’s a beast that is politically consistent.