UPS truck hits, kills 5-year-old


What a horrific tragedy. That has always been a nightmare thought that occasionally runs through my brain and any driver I would assume. I can sympathize as a parent of 3 small children and driver. The UPS driver is 21, I hope he wasn't being negligent and was trained properly. Thoughts and prayers to the parents and the driver.


My heart goes out to the family and the driver. Im sure this could have been avoided, by simply getting the drivers off the road at a reasonable hour. It goes to show that UPS mgt. is not concerned about the saftey of their drivers or citizens. This driver more than likely was over dispatched, he probably had to run all day without lunch just to get his job done. Many young drivers want to impress the sup. with good numbers, so saftey is usually the place to cut the corners, and mgt. is full aware of it, but as long as the numbers look good they don't care. This is very unfortunate and could have avoided by mgt. being reasonable, this driver and all drivers should have been off the road and home with his own family at 6:45pm the time when the accident occured.


im sorry for all familys involved. im saying a prayer. FOR ALL THE FAMILYS INVOLVED.all to sups how much is it worth when you keep cutting impress peOPLE in n office in atlanta or orlando whos never been on route the other day 139 stops 2 duplicate 130 miles real good dispatch 940 pm its bs . one day at your hubs when they wanna send a bunch of drivers home burning a option dayor now no pay everyone just 1 day stay for the8 hours. in the hub its your right to get 8 hours they wiill think twtce befor they cut routes. and over dispatch. I no were in diffrent time zones across the country im calling for every driver across the country one day in the near future to TO take your lunch the full 1 hour between 12 and 1pm no matter how your route is if every one did that just one day. IT would show the company how OVERDISPATCHED. we are .98 pct are union most of you would relize what that means. in this day and age.we all work together. we can avoid another tragadey like THE one in this news story.i NO a lot say i wanna GET HOME EARLY BY RUSHING all day thats good but whats it worth a little girl on a bike a backing accident a tree limb.what ever WHATS RUSHING WORTH . YOU HAVE RIGHTS USE THEM UPS IS A GREAT COMPANY IT HAS FAULTS like many other companys the ones who CANFIX IT ARE THE MEN WOMAN WHO DRive out the gate every day stand up .thank you for reading this sorry about grammar im a driver not a typist be strong be union. 79.


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Something similar happened a little before the strike of 97, and that's why we have backing camera's today. Ron Carey got it on the national media, show casing how hard it was to see behind your truck with just those mirrors etc...