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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by ja7618, Apr 2, 2003.

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    My father in law sent me this email:
    "There has been a huge purchase of UPS uniforms on eBay over the past 30 days. This represents a serious threat as bogus drivers can drop off anything to anyone with deadly consequences. If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver appears at your door, they should be able to furnish a VALID I D. If you have a problem immediately call the authorities."
    I sure hope this hasn't happened. How do our uniforms get on eBay? Guess we all need to be careful. Also who knows if the email is valid!!
  2. What happens is that peak drivers and helpers never turn in their uniforms. They then put on ebay. Also, there are some drivers and fired drivers who kept uniforms that sell on ebay. I know that UPS has a staff that only watches ebay and the internet in general for sales of UPS property. I know our LP guy really well (he's a fisherman) and I let him know when I find stuff on ebay. Normally, he already knows about it. LOL. Which, is a termination offense if caught doing this.
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    In our center peak help has to turn in the uniform when theypick up their last check. So we get ours!

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    This was the subject of our pcm this morning. My manager said that uniforms were being sold on ebay for thousands of dollars. I went looking but only found a shirt for $8.00
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    Wigman, your manager ought to know better, shame on him. HE of all people should know better.

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    I left out in my last post the jist of the pcm was for us to be prepared to show our id to customers. As it is mentioned in the link that upsidebrown posted. I don't think my manager was just running off at the mouth.
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    "be prepared to show our id to customers"

    I wish we had ID cards! The company has been very slow in issuing ID cards, only as needed.
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    If we don't present our id to the security guard we sill not be addmitted into the building. He will call our manager who will then have to come out to the guard shack sign us in and escort us into the building.
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    Not only are we soooooo slow to issue ID cards, I have 2 that customers have made for me to use when I enter their properties. But it is coming.

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    I was issued a photo ID when I first was hired as a summer driver. I got laid off at the end of the summer and had to turn everything in. (This was 1988) Never got it back when I was rehired. Never has been an issue in small town Wisconsin. Have a new one on order as we speak. Monster
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    Excuse me dannyboy let me get this right. Are you saying you don't have a UPS ID card? They haven't issued you one? I've had a UPS ID card since 1982.
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    In my center, we don't have id cards. Nor security. Anyone can walk right off the street, through a gate, and into the building. It's only a matter of time for something to happen. We would show up for preload, and the cops would be chasing someone off ups property. One time, a bum climbed on top of a trailer-quite the activity at 3:00 am.
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    What I am reading here is horrifying!!! I had no idea that there is no security at some ups facilities. This is very, very disturbing.
    Perhaps a manager reading this post can explain how this can be?? Or can set the record straight because this is so unbelievable that I am not quite buying it.
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    We also do not have id cards or security guards. The only rent a cops that we have ever had in our building were to direct traffic during peak.
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    I have complained to eBay about allowing people to sell UPS uniforms on their site for months.

    When I complained to them via their site, they never responded. Then I sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau that is responsible for the area where eBay's corporate headquarters is located. I received a letter from eBay that stated they would only deal with the local police, and that I should have someone from UPS contact the local police. They ignored me again!

    I then began sending email messages to the sellers asking them if they knew that they were selling UPS property. One person told me they got the shirt-jac they were selling at a thrift store!

    I hate the fact that this can go on and not be stopped. It will make the driver's job more difficult to display photo IDs at every stop.

    Maybe we should all start complaining every time we get a chance to eBay's customer service. They make a profit on every sale, so they won't stop this practice. Maybe if they lose those profits by having to answer hundreds of complaints, they might wake up and do the right thing!
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    I'm with you wigman, I can't believe it either. Our entire property is fenced in with 2 walk in entrances manned 24/7 by hired security guards. All feeder traffic has their own entrance which is also manned 24/7 by hired security. They check all trailers going in and out. Package car entrances are kept locked until 800 in the morning and locked again at night. Every employee has an ID card which must be shown before entering the property. If you forget your ID card a supervisor must come out and idetify you and sign a form to let you on the property. All backpacks must be left outside the building in lockers, the lock supplied by the employee. All walk in entrances have metal detectors going both in and out, just like an airport. All breifcases and thermos containers are checked when you leave the building. They won't even let you walk out with a cup of coffee. Reason? You might have something hidden in the coffee.
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    THats right, NO UPS issued ID of any kind. And I deliver to some VERY HIGH security areas, Chemical plants, BAS, Army amunition plants, etc. All without a company ID. But I have several issued by the companies that I deliver to.

    AS to the security at the center, there is none, unless you call a chain link fence security! No cameras, no guards, nothing. As a customer you can pull anywhere onto the lot, load your packages, and leave. Most drivers stop by their personal vehicles to and from the center to get/take things out of the package car. Not too long ago you could have left your bilfold with $500 in it at the turn in counter, and you would have found it there when you got back. But not any more.

    We did have a large security team in when they fired the driver in the post below, but that was only for 2 days.

    d PS, the driver is returning to work May first. The time since Feb 28 will count as a suspension.
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    We have no fence, no ID cards, so security guards. We probably have 70 delivery trucks. Don't know how many feeders. The population in this city is over 170 thousand. I can't say that I would like the amount of security I am hearing about. We have had no problems here. Perhaps bigger cities have bigger concerns?
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    My husband has been with UPS 24 yrs and never had an ID card? You would think they would have one, but I work for the school system with 16,000 employees and 80,000 students and I don't have an ID card either!!!!!!