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    Hi all, First time posting here. Just curious to get an answear from you about UPS using IC's (Independent Contractors) in Chicago_On another forum site we have a post there that states UPS is hiring IC's do deliver pkgs.Could you please shed some light on thjs subject so that I can set the record straight there. IMHO I think that this is a bunch of bullhockey that the union would even allow this to happen.

    Thanks an IC at FEDEX :)
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    Several years back we used independent contractors here to deliver SonicAir.

    That was driven entirely by customer demand. They wanted same day service and didnt want Teamsters on their property or interacting with their employees.

    Teamsters didnt have any say in the matter so allow it to happen wasnt an issue in that case.

    Dont know about your situation.
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    I saw something on the news yesterday. A contractor was hauling a trailer full of UPS pkgs. His rig jacknifed and caught fire, most of the pkgs. burned. The driver could barely speak english. The news crew said if your Christmas pkgs are going UPS there will be some people without gifts this year. No news stories about our feeder drivers or pkg. drivers crashing in bad weather. What does that tell you?
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    No news stories about our feeder drivers or pkg. drivers crashing in bad weather.

    Since Thanksgiving weve had:

    One feeder driver hit and kill a homeless guy walking on the side of the road (and not stop claiming he didnt know he hit him, despite about a half dozen witnesses).

    One feeder smashed up in the middle of an accident on the freeway that shut it down for over four hours.

    One feeder driver that lost a dolly in the northbound lanes of the interstate that either hit or caused damage to four vehicles trying to avoid it.

    Thats feeder only and all in one district and the weather isnt bad.

    Gotta try not to be too wise about drivers and their safety record because there's a UPS driver somewhere involved in some sort of mishap just about every single day.
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    Outta hours- During peak season trailer loads can be moved by truckers other than UPSers. The union knows about this. They don't like it and these drivers are supposed to be union drivers. If they are I don't know. I was on yesterday and someone there was asking about UPS using IC's. They were asking because of a ad they saw from our logistics segment. Other than Sonic Air no IC's are used by UPS.:biggrin:
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    Wily Old Vet- I know all to well that UPS can use "shiney wheels" or contractors from Nov. 1st thru Dec. I have spent days building sets on the yard for them to come in and pull to hubs that I could be going to. Most of them know very little about building, pulling, or breaking down a set. Heck most of them cannot back a single very well. I know the independant's on our yard are not union. I hate to see any driver have an accident, or someones pkgs. burn up. But my point about their safety compared to our's is you get what you pay for.
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    Outta Hours- I was trying to reply to Fedex95 but put your name in by mistake. Tried to edit but didn't work. Sorry to hear the drivers aren't union. And I hate to hear about accidents no matter who is driving. You are right about the safety issue though. Stay safe through the madness.:)
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    Talked to an independent last year and he said UPS pay was very good, $1.06 a mile.

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    You must speak Spanish Dannyboy
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    I heard about this when I started back in '98. I asked about why there were trailers parked on the street near the building, and the answer was during peak the company hires IC's to haul loads from the railyard to the building, but the IC's are not allowed on property b/c that is union work (shifting).
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    $1.90 a mile this year here. Had a tow truck operator on the yard pulling a pup, he said , UPS was paying them 125.00 an hour to pull the trailer. This is in mississppi, the lousiana drivers keep running out of hours.
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    you get what you pay for..........
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    This is the post That I am refering too about the ad in Chicago maybe this will help?????????

    The following Ad ran in the Chicago Tribune on Sun.Dec.4th :
    Drivers-Courier - UPS Supply Chain Solutions -Immediate Opportunities
    For couriers who would like to be Self-Employed and own their own cars or vans,and enjoy working flexible hours,to join us as Independent Contractors in the Chicago market. Please stop by one of the six open houses being hosted at the times below : (withheld)
    We are in our busy season which means plenty of work and little waiting time. Stop by for some coffee and donuts,and let us tell you about how profitable this opportunity can be! If you can't attend one of these sessions ,contact us and we'll get back to you quickly with valuable information about being one of our providers. Call: # (withheld)
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    we use the "expediters" those wonderful people to pull the trailers when our feeder dept runs out of hours. What always happens is they will pull over to sleep, and not wake up to their alarm hence making the loads late. We also had them pull the wrong loads to the wrong center.
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    This is through SCS, not regular old UPS. Maybe we've assumed some distribution duties for a customer? Or this could be like SonicAir.
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    Seeing as ad says must own CAR or Van I don't see this as something like the fedex IC's. However we need to keep an eye on the logistics arm to make sure they don't divert our work.
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    Hi I was A IC for Sonic Air for six years I will tell you any info you would like to know