UPS vs. Teamsters


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Yeah. A true picture. No framing whatsoever. Like how I have to struggle to use the bathroom. Of course, I have the most powerful union in the world on my side, but it's such a struggle going to the bathroom. :closedeye

But the points on Hoffa are very on the mark.


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Ups has part-timers loading because it's so grueling no one can handle it full-time?? what a crock of :censored2:!! Since when does Ups care if you can handle a job or not?? I heard when it went to a part-time preload in the mid seventies it was mutually agreed upon by both parties. Both parties get what they want- Company pays less, Union gets more initiation fees money (higher drop-out rate for part-timers.)


It has been very intersting to read the replies that have been posted on this page. Although subjective, they are not that far from what the norm would perceive. The reality is that perception is everything. There are as many, or more, people that have a positive perception of the issues at hand. It is dependant upon their outlook on the benefits and future that is offered by the company and the situation that YOU create for yourself while working for UPS.
The business is dictated by its competition. I did not state UPS as the business because if you for one minute think that the Teamsters Union is not a business, take a step back and analyze the situation. I only say that because the article comments on UPS's attack on the benefits package (that the teamsters itself managed to bring to the ground) but states nothing on the ongoing attack that the teamsters has mounted "on behalf of the workers" but will eventually hinder the ability for UPS to provide the future that it has offered to its workers for the past 100 years. Pretend that for one moment you do not work for UPS.... now, take a look at the competition. USPS, DHL, FED EX, etc. USPS-subsidized by the US gov't., DHL-subsidized by Deutche post (German gov't.), and FED EX (non unionized). In order to compete UPS needs to compensate in higher prices. If those prices get to high......who will get the business??????
There are many changes that must take place on both sides of the bargaining table. I certainly do not agree with part time wages not going up. I also do not agree with someone contributing a good part of their life to the processes of a very profitable company and not being able to retire in a way that reflects the efforts put in. As individuals we need to put an end to this bias thought, from either side, and come to our own conclusions that are drawn by our own train of thought. Bashing the company that I bet you continue to work for doesn't solve anything.

I have worked for UPS for 15 years....have been a teamster for 11.....I am an owner......are you?


if ups would pay its part timers more, they would get better help.. in my center, part timers last one year or less.. you can get a job at walmart, and start out making the same per hour.. and dont have to put up with the bull**** at ups>>>>