UPS wants me to WORK for FREE

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Tsiawddood, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Tsiawddood

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    I am a seasonal Driver although i have been more of a helper. All this week I have met Drivers at a location and while helping, the driver gets a message that i am to report to a different location, "city for this matter", when i am done to help out another driver. Today, I helped out a total of 3 drivers, worked from 9:30 am until 7:45 tonight. I had the same Diad all day but when i got back to the center they change all my hours and told me that i dont get paid for driving over and helping another driver and that the time that i drive to different locations is considered my lunch. They took about 2 hours off my time. Its about a 30 minute/20 mile drive to get to the location + the time i wait for the driver to show up. I understand people dont get paid to drive to work and back home, but once you are clocked in its all business. I have also showed up at 8:30 like i was told, waited around 45 minutes for the "management position holder" to get ready and for us to go out on a drive, he then handed me a diad and told me to clock in. I tried to clock in at 8:30 but he told me "No we didnt start until 9:15" Any help would be great! I really like the job and would like to continue after the holiday season soo i dont want to stir the pot. Thanks for the time!
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  2. Griff

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    Of course they want you to work for free. It's up to you to stand up and take what is yours, UPS exploits people who are trusting.

    The helpers here are getting gas cards to repay them for fuel. Along with their hours we also have to message in their car mileage. Is this not a national thing?
  3. DS

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    thats total bullshi* and you have to speak up...
    ask to talk to the cener manager and if he wont
    step in call the 1-800 number...ask you steward
    in the mean time keep track of all hours worked.
    You will get paid.
    These are supervisors that we dont need.
  4. Tsiawddood

    Tsiawddood New Member

    i talked to supervisor tonight about it to make sure my hours were correctly entered and he was like "No we get paid for that and you dont" From talking to other drivers he's not the brightest star in the sky and come monday i'm gonna ask another person. Worst Case scenario at the end i guess i have to goto the state Labor board and file a complaint but i really dont want to because i like the job and would like to get on and get benefits for the family.
  5. mpeedy

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    You are in a tricky situation. If you complain and get back-pay, management will think you are a trouble-maker and opt not to re-hire you after peak. If you don't complain you will not get back-pay and still might not be hired on after peak.
  6. tieguy

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    Ask to speak to the center manager. Look him/ her in they eye and tell them that you are willing to run through walls to get a job but you are not willing to work for free. If that does not fix the problem then you're better off not working for that center team.
  7. Tsiawddood

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    Anyone know if any supervisors are in on Saturdays that i can talk to or if it just the air drivers?
  8. CFLBrown

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    There is a Saturday supervisor on. Usually just a driver sup from one of the centers. There might be multiple supervisors on today though, as well as a center manager might show up being the time of year. Pop on in and see who is there.
  9. SmithBarney

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    Ask for an expense sheet while you are at it.
    You need to get paid for all the milage between towns when they
    have you running all over with your personal vehicle.
  10. Raw

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    [EVIL]Ask to speak to the center manager. Look him/ her in they eye and tell them that you are willing to run through walls to get a job but you are not willing to work for free. If that does not fix the problem then you're better off not working for that center team.[/EVIL]

    That isn`t how it works Tie! Seasonal employee needs to get paid what is due and a chance to get on permanent. Center team needs to get fired for dishonesty! :thumbup1:
  11. trickpony1

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    I would highly recommend that you take someone with you to witness the conversation. If you don't then it's your word against his and we all know management don't lie:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Another little tidbit.......
    judging from the tone of this thread as well as the thread regarding the seasonal driver whose trumped up "sexual harassment" charges led to his termination, it appears the glowing image of honesty that management does so parade is rapidly fading but yet the lies are still covered up.

    Sorta like the cat in the litter hard as the cat tries to cover up his mess, the stench is still there.
  12. Tsiawddood

    Tsiawddood New Member

    I heard good thing about UPS before i joined, and now from talking to the other drivers and hearing the horror stories about denied O.J.I's and now my deal. I just might go drive out there and see who is in for the heck of it. I dont know how the chain of command works, i think the guy who is screwing me over is like a "dispatch supervisor" i am not sure seems to tell everyone where they are headed in the morning.
  13. Retired22

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    Listen, go to the center manager and ask to speak to him about the situation. I you continue to grip in this forum it will do no good. If the center manager blow you off then ask to speak to an HR person. I have been in management for 25+ and know if you talk to the right person this will be taken care of.
  14. trickpony1

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    "...if you talk to the right person...."

    why is the right person always surrounded by the wrong persons and;

    was the "right person", at one time, the wrong person?

    Please explain the evolution of the species.
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Agreed . In fact some management is almost as dishonest as your teamster officials.
  16. browndude

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    the way it has always worked here is the helper drives to the driver and is then punched in and works 2-3 hours then punches out and drives to another driver and punches in again. no pay for while you are driving and no mileage. i disagree with this we had a helper drive nearly 50 miles to help a driver for 3 hours!! he is lucky if he doesn't lose a few dollars that day when you figure in his taxes and gas. $8.50 x 3 hours= $25.50 before taxes and gas for 50 miles uhhh definately not worth it.
  17. trickpony1

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    C'mon Tie, you can do better than that!
    The ".......but so are you!", counterpoint is good up through about the sixth grade.
  18. monkeynuts

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    I don't know what the pay is for this job but why bother?? There are jobs that offer peace of mind. Just not at brown. I have never worked for a company that tries to screw you anyway and everyway they can and one that has management (most of them) that are the scum of the earth. Why play the silly game with a bunch of idiots.
  19. dumbsup

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    Sounds like what they are doing inmy district tomorrow, running a sunday sort with all mgt, no union workers. I can only imagine the amount of money they are saving having us trusting slobs come in...
  20. sendagain

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    Some bean counter who never sees the highway until he leaves for home is gonna frown over the numerical drop in the stops per hour because the manager sent you out to meet a guy who wasn't heavy enough that day. The manager wants his numbers to look good, so he decides to screw you out of the time you ought to get credit for because of his own lack of proper planning. He is probably more focused on his bonus money than on being a decent human being, who really ought to pay you for whatever screwups he has created for your life.