UPS worker charged with theft

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    UPS worker charged with theft - My Desert

    A 66-year-old United Parcel Service employee suspected of diverting goods from the Riverside UPS distribution center where she worked to her daughters' homes is due in court next month, a lieutenant said Thursday.

    Donna May of Devore was jailed at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility on suspicion of grand theft and embezzlement on Oct. 3, following an eight-month investigation, according to Riverside police Lt. Victor Williams.

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    Man! We have so many people trying to find ways to steal from UPS and the end result is they always get caught sooner or later. Goodbye 20 year career!
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    :happy2:ups worker should be tried for being a thief.should have to stand in front of the ups center with a sign sayind ups employee thief.or exemployee thief.sign should be on both sides so people can see it as theygo's sad that a person who had good benefits good wages disgrace the co.
  4. hdkappler

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    donna sticky fingers may?donna may sticky fingers?which sounds best?
  5. LiL"Comet"

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    Donna May Sticky Fingers!!!!!:surprised: yeah that sounds the best
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    what is she still working at ups for come on she is 66 years old.
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    Those signs are called "sandwich boards" and they are basically 2 pieces of plywood with straps that you slip over your head and rest on your shoulders. The signs go on the plywood.

    I also like that idea, although most UPS centers are out in the middle of nowhere. I would have her walk with the sign in front of the courthouse.
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    C'mon Dave-
    Do you think all the intelligence in the country is in the Northeast? Do you think we have never heard the term sandwich board, and then explain how they work? It's kind of insulting- I know you mean well, but don't underestimate all us hillbillys.

  9. rod

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    was she unloading trailers:peaceful:
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    very stupid of her.. it sure is a disgrace. its pretty dum to loose a job over a couple hundred dollars.. meanwhile u can make thousands through hard work.
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    How dare you slam someone for theft and than post about it after stealing over9.5s eye!

    Somethings are just off limits around here and that eye is one of them! Don't be surprised if your not allowed to sign into brown cafe anymore after pulling this kind of move. Nice knowing ya!
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    We had a pre-loader wear these boards for 3 days a few years ago.He would stand at the entrance to the facility with them.He was basically complaining that he was being harassed by a sup.
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    LOL:happy-very: 705!!!
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    Catching a 66 year old lady stealing? They must have had Barney Fife on that case. Theft will always be rampant at UPS because LP is understaffed and behind the times (AKA CHEAP!). Small buildings have no LP and large buildings have skeleton crews. For every one person caught, there are still dozens of others getting away with it. Think about it, if a package is stolen, what happens. Sometimes the customer doesn't even file a claim. Sometimes the shipper absorbs the loss and simply ships another item. Worst case insurance pays for it. This stuff doesn't affect the bottom line at UPS like theft in a department store does.
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    Sad to hear about Donna....She was the Clerk in Riverside for a long time. I used to work with her everyday and never would have guessed she was involved with something like that.
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    Who do you think pays the insurance claim? UPS still covers the first $ 100 and if the shipper pays for the additional insurance, UPS covers that! And where does the money come from to pay the claims - from the bottom line! The more money UPS pays out the more they have to raise the rates. The higher the rates the better chance shippers will send their packages with a competitor.
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    once a ups thief would have nothingto do with her if i was you.