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    How can hall send out an August 22, 2013 UPSDate indicating that medical coverage has nothing to do with the Supplements?

    For example, "Many supplements and riders failed because of confusion and misinformation about a change in some members health care benefits in the national agreement. Members currently in a UPS health insurance plan are being moved to alternative plans......etc" (UPSDate Aug.22, 2013)

    hall and other national negotiators.....please take the time to read Article 14 Section 4 of the proposed Central Region of Teamsters Supplemental Agreement which is entitled "Part-time Medical Coverage". If confusion and misinformation is because you make it exist.

    I will continue to urge my part-time co-workers to vote NO on the Central Region Supplement until you give us the option of Local autonomy as it pertains to health care. Those Locals that do NOT want TeamCare should be allowed to negotiate their OWN health care plan, especially where their full-time counterparts are in a separate plan where the health care benefits are superior to that of TeamCare. We want to deal with health plans that are in our community....not some plan that Hoffa himself questions it's sustainability.


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    Effective January 1, 2013 health and welfare coverage for all part-time employees on the payroll at that time and those hired thereafter who "would have had" health and welfare coverage provided by an Employer signatory to this Agreement "will instead" be provided coverage through the CSH&W Fund regardless of the employee’s work location. Weekly payments for the covered em- ployees shall be in accordance with the rules set forth in the applicable Supplement, Rider or Addendum. If there are none then the rules set forth in the Central States Supplement shall apply. UPS will be responsible for making the weekly payments to the CSH&W Plan to pro- vide the medical coverage.

    What's the issue?
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    The issues is the union run plan isn't as good as the UPS plan. We're not going away Stink. Until the union upgrades its plan
    to match the UPS plan you won't get your votes. Oh, and by the way, give the whole country the upgraded plan. And by the way,
    I have no real love for TDU either. But this really has nothing to do with them, even though you keep trying to say it does.
    I haven't read anything from TDU for years.
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    Did I mention TDU in my post? The medical issue doesn't have to due with TDU, but TDU salivating over a potential strike is. Understand something, TDU wants to limit power of the union, and then destroy it.
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    I think you overestimate the power of TDU. Granted people read their stuff for informational purposes. And I'm sure you would argue that their info
    is false. But I don't see people lining up and following TDU without question anymore than I see the people following the IBT
    without question. This all could have been prevented if the IBT would have had a clear and comprehensive health care package prepared to deliver
    ​to the membership in the first place.
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    the isuse is this how can hall and hoffa say healthcare a national issue when it in our supplements to me that double talk. It to line their pockets they are crooks just like every ups management person and that number (accountant that never should of been ups ceo scott :censored2: davis) and every political person out there what this country needs is a new constitution.
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    Did you mean 2014.
  8. stink219

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    I'll look. I just cut and pasted that
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    TDU sucks
  10. stink219

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    Well said my brother! Well said!
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    I think the "No" voters should stop peeing in the wind and accept that times have changed. If they don't like the deal they've been offered then go and find a better one at another company or buy a private policy. The rest of the country has no sympathy for you or are going to walk the bricks for you.

    Wake up and smell the coffee and be thankful for the wages and benefits you still have. Its a bleak world out there for working families. Put down your signs and take a long look.:sochildish:
  12. Inthegame

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    InsideUPS, please read NM Art 34. Ken H and other negotiators comprehend language that apparently some others don't. The majority accepted National Master Art 34 Sec 2 (b) first sentence clearly supercedes any supplement. The Central Supplement only repeats the language for strengthening purposes in the event of a dispute, but the Master guides.

    Voting no will not change the agreed to language. Voting no will not get local autonomy in regards to HC. The locals that carved out the MOU for autonomy in HC, (Western Conference and L177) will struggle to match the provided benefit levels at the same contribution rates. This entire system is predicated on the size of the pool. Reduce the pool and this plan fails. For profit HC plans in your community will not provide anything near the level of coverage TeamCARE offers. Again shrink the pool and costs skyrocket. Delaying this ratification only will delay the eventual imposition of this agreement by the IBT. The HC issue is over and TDU is either intentionally lying or bewildered by facts.

    It's really not as confusing as you stated.
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    We are supposed to get information to review in regards to our Team Care plan before we vote for the second time. What we need are facts not speculation. In a recent letter form the IBT we are supposed to get something in the mail. We need to see the Team Care changes in writing so that we can make an informed decision. Otherwise why would we change my votes. No it was and no it will be.
  14. stink219

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    Can I have Intentionally Lying for 1000 Alex?
  15. Delivered

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    What would UPS have to try to take from you & your family before you would stand up for what you believe in?
  16. Theking30

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    I think I will just keep peeing in the wind. I have nothing lose and when it is voted down the second time, I believe negotiations will open up and progress will be made.

    Thanks for standing behind me brother.

    When we get more for using our voting rights will you be happy for me?
  17. Monkey Butt

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    ​I stand behind you and piss on your leg.
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    There's going to be a DVD sent out shortly.
  19. Gumby

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    is the title going to be...................Our union sold us out?........sorry 407..I like u...just ticked off at our (lack of) union leadership!
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    For 26 years I have had Teamster (UPS on the board of trustees) healthcare. Over those years co-pay has gone up, prescription cost have gone up, vision benefit isn't as good, and dental cost/reimbursements/co-pay have gone up. That's just a fact of rising healthcare cost 3x the rate of inflation and cut throat competition in the trucking industry. Yet, everyone of my healthcare providers call my insurance GOLD PLATED compared to what 98% of the other people they see.

    You don't get it, and you probably never will. That's why I've been telling everyone to forget about any pay increases while whiners like you fail to see whats in there long term self-interest.