upser needs help after the tornado

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    Received this in an email today. Seems legit.

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    I can vouch for this one. Rhonda is one of the UPSers that works at the Coppell payroll and accounting center. She's a long term UPSer...I believe 20+ years. I was nearby when she received the call about her home and it was heartbreaking to see. It was as we were walking back inside from seeing the damage to our cars. I posted the video of our parking lot in another thread.

    We started this collection for her at our office but since nearly all of us are dealing with totaled cars and our own insurance messes, most of us can't help as much as we'd like. Please spread the word. The good news is that she has family in the area so she and her family have a safe place to stay but they lost absolutely everything in their home.