I always get fired around September !

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    Hello, everyone. Its been a while.
    I`d like to start by saying thank you for all the nice comments and prayers left by members for my family and I, regarding the murder of my mother-in-law. We really appreciate them.
    Sooooooo, Ive been warned by the union to be careful what i say or post on this website so as not to jepordize any chance I may have of getting my job back. Who says you cant teach an old dog new tricks ? This time i`m taking their advice and am going to be a little more reserved.
    On 8 22 08 I was terminated after a 3 week investigation by UPS loss prevetion for supposedly signing for packages at a dock. About a week later I was acompanied back to Cerritos with 2 union reps to meet with the labour manager and see the spacifics regarding the termination. Ups presented a written, signed statement from the doc worker saying that the signature he was shown was not his and that he was the only receiver on the day in question.
    I presented a signed letter from the same doc worker stating that he did sign for the packages that day.
    It seems as though he was approached by ups security as he was trying to get in his car to go home 15 minutes after his shift had ended and was shown a piece of paper with a scribble on it and told that a driver was suspected of signing for packages in the area and that they needed to know if the scribble on the paper was his USUAL signature. ( Ive been delivering there for years so they knew it wasnt the usual one) More worried about getting home he took a look, said it wasnt and signed it.
    Fact is, he was the one who signed it. On the day in question my truck was blown out and loaded really crappy (how unusual) and brick loaded through the middle (185 stps that day) Its one of my first stops so its bulked out in the back, after unloading everything from - rdr- I still had 7 or 8 packages in EDD. I found most of them on the floor bulked out in the
    middle and handed them over the bulk rather than taking them through the front door and walking them to the dock. I leaned over the bulk and he signed the board. Packages NEVER go missing from this customer and I dont need to ask his name because Ive seen him every day for almost 4 years so I typed it in and took off. On the day in question every package was acounted for , just like every other day. I could understand if packages were going missing and there were different signatures every day but thats not the case. this doc worker also stated that he would go to any arbatration or meeting and stand by his second statement.
    Not detered UPS went to plan B. GPS showed that I made a next day air delivery at 10 27 am but was a half mile away from the delivery location. Trace for the day says I was around the delivery location at 10 39 and had delivered another package between 10 27 and 10 39 also. I have neither confirmed or denied my actions for the day in question that was almost 3 weeks prior to my termination.
    So I was fired for dis-honesty.
    I have some issues with this, let me explain a few facts and circumstances, not excuses leeding up to this.
    The last year has been absolute crap for my family, the aftermath of my mother-in-laws murder has been almost as hard to deel with as the murder its self, 3 A student , happy normal children have become 3 d- sad angry children who will be in theropy for years , my oldest son has to go to the school with members of the gang responsible for murdering his grandmother, the shooter, 15 years old is the same age as my son. My daughters cant be left alone for more than a few minutes, have nightmares and are scared of the dark and my poor wife was just devistated. We get to look at the four suspects at court every month as they sneer and laugh at us through the glass and get to hear what good kids they were from their family members who we are forced to sit by. I stayed at work until around april, my wife who had remained strong, dealing with the media court and the death of her grandmother also who just gave up on life after losing her daughter was getting tired and just beat down, she lost it around the middle of april and pretty much had a breakdown. I went out on disabilty april 22nd. I stayed off work for about 6 weeks, I had noticed a change in my wife spending all that time with her but assumed it was because of her loss. Financial reasons got the better of me and against my doctors orders and my better judgment returned to work june 10.
    I had been back about 3 weeks and was having a really hard time getting back into the swing of things when I received a call from my wife who had gone to the doctor complaining about headaches. A tumor had been found in the frontal lobe of her head and immediate attention was required.
    My sup came and finished my route for me.
    The next few weeks were awful, x rays, plastic surgen visits Neuro surgen visit head trauma visits etc etc. My center team was very helpful and understanding, applied for emergency family leave,and while i was waiting for it to be granted I called in sick and took what was left of my vacation, my center manager was way cool and I had to come into work only when they absolutley needed me. On August 20th after a 9 hour surgery my wifes tumor was removed succesfully and was benine thank god. on August 22nd I was fired.
    This is where my problem lyes with UPS, They were well aware of the curcumstances I was under, they knew I was waiting for the family leave and on the day that they said I was being dis-honest on I had tried to call in sick but was told I had to work.
    this is part of the UPS mission statement,

    Focusing on “the right thing to do” has become a hallmark of UPS’s culture. This legacy is fundamental to our ability to attract and retain the best employees, gain and keep the trust of our customers, create shareholder value, support the communities in which we operate and protect our reputation.
    This value system is coupled with an effective program of business conduct management implemented by the UPS Compliance Department. These two elements - the philosophical and the practical - work together to create an environment where good people can make good decisions. And it sets forth the procedures and actions necessary when people fail to live up to those expectations.

    perhaps they should take there own advice.

    I realize that they are my problems not UPS`s and I dont have the best of track records, but for gods sake , I`m not dis honest, Ive never stolen and dont cut corners for my own benifit.

    lets see how much flack I get on this one. and I dont have an attitude I`m a really nice guy.
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    "Not detered UPS went to plan B. GPS showed that I made a next day air delivery at 10 27 am but was a half mile away from the delivery location. Trace for the day says I was around the delivery location at 10 39 and had delivered another package between 10 27 and 10 39 also. I have neither confirmed or denied my actions for the day in question that was almost 3 weeks prior to my termination.
    So I was fired for dis-honesty."

    The evidence just doesn't look good for you. I can see that your life has been hell and I feel for you. They have a relatively air tight case against you. I know that your a nice guy with a good attitude but with the evidence they have submitted and the fact that you neither confirmed or denied your actions bodes very ill for you. If you're going to have late air, then have late air. With the edd and gps systems, they are going to know if you DR a NDA before you get there. I just can't see this going well for you unless you can prove you delivered the package at 10:27 and not 10:39.
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    Sounds very sad, sometimes you have to wonder just how much you need to be tested, tacos and beer aside.
  4. The-UK-Guy

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    Hopefully the arbitrator did not have his heart and compassion glands removed like some of the mngmt at UPS have
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    Keep us posted...I've seen and heard worse things happen and people still get their jobs back.
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    My question is this, Do they have a recording of your "live" trace for that day? or are they just using the " package scanned, stop completed" GPS time stamp? The former looks a little like an animated cartoon of a package car on a map grid, the later is a google earth photo of the long-lat location of the two diad functions.
    If it is the former, they have to set that up the day it is recording which would mean the intended to catch you doing something wrong.
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    From my understanding of technology is that they cannot use any GPS evidence for termination!

    Why is your local union allowing to even here this evidence.

    You should have recieved a Written warning of your action in case there is an error and you should have sufficeint time to correct any or such errors with due process! When was your diad board calibrated last? Make sure it was working correctly.....

    Do you run over alot everyday?

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    Article 6
    Section 4
    (8) No employee shall be discharged on a first offense if such discharge is based solely upon
    information received from GPS or any successor system unless he/she engages in dishonesty
    (defined for the purposes of this paragraph as any act or omission by an employee where he/she
    intends to defraud the Company). The degree of discipline dealing with off-area offenses shall not
    be changed because of the use of GPS.
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    Well there you go then. I'm not trying to be heartless in any way shape or form. And if you call me management again, you'll hurt my feelings:happy-very: I really hope you get your job back after reading the contract part above. It seems like they were fishing. The only snag is if you actually delivered the package when you said you did. They have to prove you didn't. My apologies for the earlier reply.
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    I forgot to write in my first post that I have a pink slip on my record from back in April where I signed for a package at a pharmacy. They are terminating me for dis-honesty because they can use the signature as a first offense and the alleged late air as the second.
    I was well aware of the fact that lp was watching and checking up on me, a lot of my customers told me that they had been aproached by two goons asking questions and they were really :censored2: off after the first write up because I copped an attitude after 30 minutes of BS questions leading no where. (A woman scorned)
    I know that idiots everywhere will say its my fault for pissing off LP but that`s wrong, Personal grudges or vendettas should be left out of the workplace. I treet everyone I meet with dignity and respect, I am more than capable of having a conversation without losing my temper and answering any questions I may be asked, even if the other person is getting disrespectful and frustrated. But after more than 30 minutes of being accused of BS and being talked to like a 3rd grader I started to get :censored2: off, If my union rep had been there ( who I was denied) it wouldnt have gone down like that , but the pre load rep they said I had to use didnt have a clue. He should have stopped the conversation when it was going down hill.
    People make comments like " you should have refused to talk till you got your union rep " or " its in the contract they cant do that"
    well the fact is they can and they do.
    I was fired on 25th of August, a Monday, I drove down there on Friday the 22nd ( I was on vacation) to get my check and had my two daughters with me because Mom was still in hospital recovering, I got signed in and we walked to the center to get my check. I got to show my two little ones where daddy worked and it was really cool, for me and them, with all the crap they have been through and mom at USC Neurological center they dont smile a lot any more, but they were really exited to see where I work and loved all the conveyer belts etc etc. 2 minutes after grabbing my check the same lady from LP ( lady is to nice of a word for her ) saw me and had me escorted out of the building. If I wasnt a christian I may have done somthing she would of regretted, I didnt even say anything because my gals were with me but I was humiliated and for the first time ever did not proud feel proud to work a company that treats it`s empoloyees like this.
    My wife wanted to crawl out of her hospital bed and kick that Lady`s ( to nice of a word for her) ass.
    I was fired the 29th, my wife was released from hospital the 30th and our insurance canceled on the 1st.
    I dont want to here crap about security was just doing there job because my kids were a liability, she did it because she was being the opposite of Lady. I just dont want to call her a bitch on this post.
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    Look on the bright side, if you get fired every September that leaves your fall open for hunting.
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    Well, welcome back................for now..

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    They can question without a rep (i know they shouldnt) doesnt mean you have to answer though.
  14. The-UK-Guy

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    LP doesn't come into season until February !!
  15. drewed

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    Thats really not something good to post when you know your union reps/ UPS reads this.....
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    Yet still funny.
  17. The-UK-Guy

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    They are referring to specific details of the circumstances.
    the only reason I've made it this far is because I have a sense of humor nobody can take that from me.
  18. The-UK-Guy

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    I`m not to worried at this point in my life, my wife`s operation was a success and she is getting stronger everyday, struggles seem to put everything in perspective.
    Any way I have a great career ahead of me as a cartoon rapper Y`all ! Check it out and word to your mothers .
  19. drewed

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    I never said its not funny just saying....not nessarily the best of things to say
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    If any of the questions can lead to discipline they have to give you a steward or have you sign a union waiver release form, or none of the interview is useful.