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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by odessy, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. odessy

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    I am a customer of UPS and for the 1rst time have encountered a terrible situation I'm in.

    I have been waiting 4 days straight at home waiting for package. 0 attempts made to deliver. I have called everyday for information on why my package has not been delivered to just get the roundaround over and over again.I was supposed to speak to supervisor, they won't put me through. Still today, no package!! Please, please give me advise on what to do next? Anyone out there know how I can complain to higher ups (UPS Canada)and not regional. The regional district is useless to complain, because they just give me the roundaround. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
  2. canon

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    Maybe see if it arrives on monday?
  3. scratch

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    If you posted the complete tracking number, than maybe someone on here can help you better. It sounds like you will get a third attempt Monday, I don't have access to a phone number for you.
  4. I would suggest calling the center and having them hold the package there for you to pick up at your convienence
  5. odessy

    odessy New Member

    Tracking Number: 1Z Y47 472 68 5487 369 9
    There have been ZERO (0) attempt for delivery
  6. canon

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    Looks like the shipper requested intercept, but seems strange they'd want it rescheduled for monday instead of returning. The driver sheeted it up as future? Snow or ice prevented driver from making attempt? We sheet as Emergency Conditions when that happens, but maybe they have different policy in that center? Just guessing.
  7. odessy

    odessy New Member

    On the day of intercept, weather here was the warmest, sunniest day of week.Also, where it says receiver didn't have funds available, that is false. No one ever showed up. I called about that, and was told that they have to write something down and just ignore it!!! I really can't afford to just sit home for ??? days waiting for package to arrive. Me and my family have jobs to attend to. When they reschedule, am I not supposed to be notified? I am the one who always calls for information. They told me not to worry about the reschedule, that it will be delivered as promised on Feb. 2. I called 7:45, 15 minutes before they closed the center, and was told it will be delivered within 15 minutes and to wait!! This is ridiculous !!! Need to go higher up and complain. Someone, anyone, Please, Please Help me !!!
  8. over9five

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    "...and was told that they have to write something down and just ignore it!!!"

    This is unethical. When you call "higher up", please tell them about this, and the name of the person you spoke with.
  9. odessy

    odessy New Member

    I need contact information for higher up? Anyone out there, can you help? Thank You
  10. I would think that the pkg intercept was called in by the shipper. Possibly realized that they had put the wrong address on the pkg or the wrong COD amount. Or possibly sent pkg COD when it wasn't supposed to be. Just speculation on my part. Maybe the shipper saw the "no funds" when they tracked it and realized they had made an error. The rescheduled date is Monday. If you live close enough to your local center to pick the package up yourself, I would recommend that. Call in advance (7:00-7:30 AM) and verify that they have it and make sure they hold it. If not, just give it another day. Our service isn't always perfect. None is. But the vast majority of us will do everything in our power to help out the customer.
  11. canon

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    I can't help but point out this site is neither sponsored nor endorsed by UPS. The majority of posters are probably just like me, sitting at home in their underwear enjoying the weekend and discussing things with people who share the same employer. You have the same access to info as we do, which is punching in the tracking number on the ups site. We can offer guesses as to why it may not have been delivered, but those should not be taken as anything more than speculation. We can't tell why they shipper decided to issue an intercept nor why the driver hasn't made an attempt. Maybe the shipper has hours on the weekend? Have you contacted them?

    Wish I could help, but the only way to deal with this is to go thru proper channels with UPS. See what happens on the date shipment is scheduled for delivery. Good luck and hope you update us.
  12. odessy

    odessy New Member

    I did call the center and asked them if I could pick up the package myself. The answer I got was NO u cannot do that. Reason I'm asking for help is because I cannot get anywhere with the center. I need to go higher up, and they will not help. That's why I'm asking here, if anyone knows contact number for UPS Canada head office or something higher than center. Thank You. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    I have never heard that you could not p/u a package:confused: that's absurd.
  14. Cementups

    Cementups Box Monkey

    It looks to me, by experience, that you have a cover driver issue. I have seen BS like this when the regular driver is off and the cover driver doesn't feel like going out of his/her way and your stop happened to e one to suffer. sadly it happens. I had that kind of incident happen when I was a business owner and the Fedex guy claimed he was at the delivery location three days in a row when I sat at the location for 2 of those days. Talked to couple other drivers that lead me to my driver and when I causght up with him he lied right to my face that he was there all three previous times. I informed that my FT job was a driver at UPS and I know the "tricks" young driver pull he finally confessed that he didn't have any other delivers in the area and didn't feel like running up the mountain for one measly stop.

    I hope this is not what happened in your situation, but as I stated it hapens. Not just at FedEx either. I know driver's at UPS that have come straight out and admitted they have done it.
  15. Union Driver

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    I think there is more to this story, obviously, then we are hearing. And I too have never heard of UPS saying you could not pick up a package at the center.
  16. odessy

    odessy New Member

    Ya, there is more to this story and I want to know what the HELL is going on? It is day 5 and still no package. I called again a couple of times today, same ****en response: YOU WILL GET PACKAGE TODAY !!! I finally got to speak the Lachine dispatcher (XXXX) and he again promised me the package would be delivered before late afternoon. I again told him if I do not receive the package I will pick it up myself. Again he told me: NO, We do not do that!!! What ****en crap is this??????????
    Again, I am asking for anyone who knows the address or telephone number (not the 1-800-XXXX) of higher up in Canada to: Please, please give it to me !!! THIS IS ABSOLOUTELY RIDICULOUS !!!
  17. mittam

    mittam Member

    I agree this is rediculous and would like to know the entire situation. Sounds like something is being left out.I am a cover driver and make sure to service the route I cover as well as possible, no short cuts. It is UPS policy to let customers pickup COD's or any other package at service counter.Something just does not sound right here. I take several packages a week to counter for will call pickup off one particular route I run wine and such and the customers come and get it. There is something left unsaid not blaming you but on one or the other side as to why it cannot be picked up.
  18. odessy

    odessy New Member

    If i don't receive that package today (which I doubt will come) Tomorrow, I will go to the Damn Center myself and see what the Hell is going on. I have had enough of this ****EN CRAP !!!!
  19. HazMatMan

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    Hate to be nosy, but what was in the shipment???
  20. trucker1946

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    This post is unreal,call the ups big boys and complain,this forum is not for nonsence and absurd posts:thumbup1: