USPS closings plan to eliminate up to 35,000 jobs

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    USPS closings plan to eliminate up to 35,000 jobs - Reuters

    The U.S. Postal Service announced plans on Thursday to close or consolidate 223 mail processing centers and eliminate up to 35,000 jobs as part of its strategy to cut costs by reducing its network of facilities.

    Lawmakers have been deeply divided on whether to allow facility closures, end the prefunding payment and other measures. Some lawmakers have praised the Postal Service for "rightsizing" its network, while others say the planned closings will hurt the agency's business model.
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    Our local mail processing center is on the list--the work will be transferred to Albany and 35-50 jobs will be lost as postal employees are not allowed to transfer more than 50 miles from their current work location. Some of the employees are being offered early retirement.