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    I live and work in the northwest district in mt. I got a dui which is not on my record yet. the prosecutor will accept a dui per se and i will get my license back right away. has anyone else heard of utility drivers who got dui's who were on the verge of going full time driving? did they fight the union? the contract supposedly states inside part time employees cannot have a dui in the last 3 years, but says nothing of utility driving although this is considered extra work. my question is does anyone know of a utility driver who got a dui and still went full time driving. ups has bent me over continually on a full time job but i kind of shot myself in the foot here. hopefully i can find a way around this?? any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Remember this is a utility not air driver.
  2. scratch

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    You have to report the DUI to UPS within 24 hours.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    I would talk to your ba. I think you are screwed but if the full-time job comes up and they don't let you go then you could file a grievance for an interpretation.
  4. Jones

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    If you didn't report it right away and you've been driving, you've got a problem.
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    Assuming you did report it on time, I do not see anything wrong with having to sit on the sidelines for 3 years.
  6. Anonymous 10

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    You should do your drinking at home. You could post on the brown cafe while you are doing it.
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    Sry about ur misfortune but I find the goldenale81 name kinda ironic.
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    Likes golden ale and born in '81? hmmm....
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    I'm sorry but I just can't fathom this type of behavior. I hope you never go FT. Apparently you can't handle the responsibility. If you are more than willing to go out and get tanked up, then drive home, god only knows the idiotic things you would do in a PC. Talking about fighting the Union? Please. This should be a zero tolerance issue. Don't get me wrong. Love going out out, maybe going to a Colts game, getting lit, having a good time, but I know I if I have to drive home, then I stay sober.
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    you have no idea of the circumstances of what even happened. who said tanked up? did you know after 2 beers your legally drunk? have you never had 2 beers and drove? if you haven't good for you. if you have, your a hypocrite. I wasn't tanked up dummy, people make mistakes and this is the only mistake i've ever made legally in my life... and on top of that, do your research into how many full time drivers have gotten duis... guess what? they can go back to driving after they've finished there asap counseling and have their license back. and there are hundreds! i don't need a preacher buddy. i'm looking for someone who could have had the same circumstances. your an idiot without a clue, mind your own and save your holier than thou opinion for someone else.
  12. The Blackadder

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    I dont think UPS will let you drive full time if you have a recent DUI. I think you need at least 3 years of clean driving record. We had a guy who was DQ'd over a speeding ticket.

    Now if you drove after the DUI and had no license at the time, I think they will fire you and I doubt the union will fight for you on that one. You have to report it to them in 24 hours, or if it happened say on friday 1st thing monday am.

    As to full timers who get a DUI that is coverded under the contract and you are right they do not lose there job.
    But the rules are different for people going for a full time driving gig and a guy already past their 30 days.
  13. barnyard

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    I graduated high school in 1982 and knew then that 2 beers in an hour made you legally drunk. Pretty sure I have since read it in the newsmagazine, "Duh."

    If you honestly have not heard that 2 beers, drinks, glasses of wine in an hour make you too drunk to drive, then you seriously need to pay a little closer attention to the news, stories in the paper, community service messages, billboards or any of the hundreds of other messages where it is preached.
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    You made my point for me. If I have to drive at some point in the evening, I don't drink. Period. My job is that important. 1 beer versus 2, maybe another, maybe four? Efff that. The risk comes no where near the "reward". Do tell me how awesome that heady buzz that you copped was, that snagged you a DIU. Maybe ironic, but I get :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: canned all the time, just do it safely.
  15. Southwestern

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    When you progress from PT to FT, it's as if you're applying as a new hire. The FT bid will indicate the DUI stance, and the application will ask you to stop if you've had a DUI within three years. So while you may have other options as a FTer, as a PTer looking into FT progression, you will have to wait out the three years. (I have no idea how the DUI will impact your current driving work - but it WILL stop you from FT).