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    I have recently been hired as a utility/air exception driver. My center supervisor has told me that I fall under section 40-1-a.. Iam getting paid the starting air wage - which is below my inside wage - for air shuttle/pickups/deliveries. The contract says that an air exception driver does work under (h)(j)(k) not (a). Anyone have experience on this matter?

    Iam in the western region. My utility rate is the starting $16.10 and the starting air rate is $12.50. The only time that Iam getting paid the utility rate is when Iam on a route or running a ground misload. I have been working mainly to go to the airport and shuttle and have been getting paid the air rate. The contract says that air exception is only for delivery of air pkgs so shouldnt I be making my utility wage? And if I do fall under sec.1(a) shouldnt I be making top wage when running a route as an air driver would (1(a)(7) instead of my utility rate?
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    when i was an air driver and ran ground i got top rate. ive never heard of a utility/air exception before, so you should get with a union steward to get a straight answer. im not certian but pretty sure that if you make more working inside that transfers over when running air. it was a while back so im a little foggy, but there was some inside guys that went driving and they were making 20+ and hour and starting driver rate was 16 and there current rate just transferred over but still had the 2.5 years before they topped out